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What makes a good business card?

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Pixels Ink

Pixels Ink

New Member
Yes we are all in competition, but as graphic designers we are VERY lucky as practically every business needs our services at one time or another so there is plenty of work to go round.

I for one outsource to other design agencies when I get overloaded with work and they are happy to work under the banner of Pixels Ink. I also do work for other studios under their banner.

Is it not better we work this way rather than a lot of cloak and dagger :D

As I learned from Sesame Street a long time ago.....Cooperation


New Member
I couldn't agree more.

I do the same, i work for another company doing contractual work under their company name and i have people that work for my under my business name.

Its the way to go. I'd much rather pay someone else to do the work, than trying to fit it into a tight schedule, an annoying the customer by being late or delaying it.

I'm currently looking for a database programmer to work under my company name, but not having much luck, most people want to charge the earth!!! :eek:

Maybe we should start an outsourcing club, the outsourcers

its funny though isn't it cause we are all in comptetition with each other.
Well.. yes and no....

If you think about it one thing that marks the professionals out from the wannabees (in my experience at least) is that they know and work to their strengths...

Anyone who's come through the college system in about the last 8-10 years will, to some extent, be multi-skilled and possibly to some extent multi-talented. but when I look back at students who have passed through my courses I find the ones that ARE working have found a niche are developing it. Not only that they're developing a style and is essence a 'brand' that is unique...

The ones that fall by the wayside are the ones that never quite develop that 'spark' and imagine they're all things to all men... Competition? Well like Jaffa Cakes are in competition with Turkish Delight?

Nobody can know/do/be everything.... And the ones that claim to do anything for anybody obviously don't realise that. Which is what tends to mark them out as bullshit merchants...

In a world of small independent professionals surely that very willingness to co-operate, outsource to share ideas and skills is what marks you out as true professionals...
nothing does

nothing does

New Member
And the ones that claim to do anything for anybody obviously don't realise that. Which is what tends to mark them out as bullshit merchants...
That nail has been firmly hit on the head! :D