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Forester's Fund for Children - Scam?

  • Thread starter KingdomOfAdventure
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Culzean Boarders

New Member
I was phoned by this company thinking naively it was a good idea. Then when my letter came through its has two different names on it. One was Vision publication group and The Foresters Fund For Children. I then got suspicious and googled and this is how I found you lot.

They are by the looks of it still scamming and no I havent sent a penny to them and dont intend to either.

So it looks like they have changed names from Vardis to Vision then doesnt bode well does it


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No it doesn't bode well.

The biggest problem we have though is that the authorities aren't doing anything about it. We need a nice new piece of legislation that goes towards dealing with these little sods.


New Member
Hi there all i have had dealigns with this company and yes they have changed there name to VISION Publication Group. and yes as far as i can see its toatly a scam. stuiped me did sign up for the mag and came to bill day so phoned them up and asked them to spread the payments as the sales person said i would be able to they best they ould do was over 3 mounths so i think thats not want the sales person said do i got suspusis ofc (sorry for spellings) so googled it fould this forum, then desided to phone the charity at 10pm and strangly they anwered (hmmmm) they said take to andrew marks the manger and he will help you, told him od my suspitions and he blow them off. so next day i phoned again, this timed perpered got thought to andrew, and he said that the charty wouldnt work with him if this was a scam and he admited the company uesed to be called Vardis and ofc this realy made me think so then i asked for details of where these mags have gone out and he said everything but what i waned to hear, got to give it to him hes good at what he dose. then he said the mag with my ad hasnt gone out yet, even thought i was told the incove wouldnt come thought till the mags out. so i just asked where was the last mag sent out, i even said just tell me one place and again he avioded my question totaly (trading standers is going to be informed about this) also if you go on the mirror news paper website and search for mr a marks or Vardis you will find something in there too. but anyways andrew said if i not happy he will put my account on hold again i asked for just one place where the mags whent out and he evoided the question yet again. and the restes history. p.s look in the mag if you get one ..... most adds are close to been the same thing looks nice thought lol.

so all in all its a scam and i belive the charity its self knows this.

the scam is very will put to gether and i going to help trading standereds best i can to bring them down.


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I have to say, any reputable Judge would probably side with the person being scammed on this one. If it's the same person doing the same illicit trading then no Judge would waste his or anyone's time with a case like this. Without evidence the service was rendered (I.e. Magazines going out - which they almost certainly are not) then the case will more than likely be thrown out.


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