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Why you need to pay good money... get people who know what they're doing to produce your online promotional material...





I can guarantee you the people behind this don't know what's wrong with it and even suppose themselves to be experts in design...

...probably even in web coding too. :D:D:D

....Oooh and copyright/IPR management


And for those who doubt that C John Taylor (he of the Highland Galleries up Loch Lomond way) really WAS a talented artist.... I give you this by comparison...



And for those that are so inspired they want to buy into the Yvette legend....

"when complete, this incredible
MasterPiece shall also be for
sale ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*
the large Canvas dimensions
are 30x40 inches ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*
price tag~ $2,424 ~*~*~*~*~*~*


If you know of an uglier website.....:D:D:D:D:D
I am feeling like I am back in those 60s/70s hallucinogenic times when the only excuse was LSD. :eek:hmy:

So how did you stumble across the psychadelic Yvette, Matt?

Lsd? More like the results of cheap whisky, slightly mouldy cream crackers and blue-veined cheese all consumed to combined excess on an empty stomach...:D

I was spirited to the site by a link passed to me by a colleague; apparently it's taken on something of a 'viral' dimension so maybe she's not as mad as she seems...

...But then again. :D:D
Canary Dwarf

Canary Dwarf

New Member

You must scroll down to fully appreciate the 'design', and revel in the irony of the bottom-most link which takes you conveniently back to the top.

I often use this as an bad example, but I must bookmark Yvette's. And to think that was highlighted recently in a magazine for being one of the worst websites.


New Member
I was spirited to the site by a link passed to me by a colleague; apparently it's taken on something of a 'viral' dimension so maybe she's not as mad as she seems...

....mmmmmm......maybe I could take inspiration from that ...a small change to back ground colour and image.....a few extra banners......I could be global this time next week ;)
And there's more...

Just when you thought it was safe...

Peter Pan's Home Page!******************************

Antique Bottle Collectors Resource | Sharing Wisconsin Antique Bottle Collecting Experiences and Treasures | MR BOTTLES - Wisconsin Antique Bottle Collectors Resource

AAA+ Utah Ski Rental Homes

The award winning (I kid you not!)....

Then there's the 'really should have known better' ...

Anachrome Advanced Plastic Anaglyph 3D Glasses and Anachrome 3D Technology

Titusville Florida - North Brevard Area Directory 32780


Wedding Photographers Toronto Photography Photo

Then there's just trying to be toooooo clever... Alarmingly there's a slim chance these people DID pay good money for this... But they serve as good examples of why you need to hire people who have ALL the necessary skills not just one or two of them!

Astonishingly (I need to stop talkin this guy up in my marketing lectures) ...

Big Ideas come out of Big Pencils

How the **** are you supposed to find your way around it???

Currently researching self-build houses and came across this; dismissing the system from my options in about 1 minute flat...


Need a new mobile? (at least I think that's what they sell!)

::: Welcome to the Phonetics Website

And just in case you thought those were all too low profile....


A gold star to anyone who can work out where in hell he's playing next from this site... :D:D:D
I'm surprised nobody's mentioned LingsCars (CAR LEASING CHEAP LEASE CARS SALES CAR LEASING CHEAP CONTRACT HIRE DEALS). Yes, looks bad at first sight, but how much is she putting through (possibly as a result of the design?)?

I resisted the temptation... For err 'diplomatic' reasons... :D

Ling's as mad as a box of bats (I mean that in a nice way) but very astute... At one point she had an ex-PRC rocket launcher parked so as it could be seen from the motorway... Now I think she has a Bus :001_tongue: I lked the Rocket Launcher...:thumbup:

Yes; the layout on this one is quite deliberate... And she'll be delighted by the exposure...