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When the Going Gets Tough ... the Tough Get Going! - part 1

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Life is a journey ..... not a destination and what you have at the moment .... you've attracted to you by the've become!

The subject of this particular 2 part post arose out of a discussion with the members of the 'Table of Eight' which is an informal group (strategic or psuedo mastermind alliance) of my ex-Shetland business colleagues and friends .... many of whom are based or spend some of their 'off the island' time in and around Edinburgh and we meet up at irregular intervals for an occasional meal and associated 'social refreshments'

Why is that relevant ......well it's not directly - but it gave me an introduction/background link for the post which I thought I should clarify and which could well have been entitled 'once upon a time....there was'.

It was my turn on the soapbox as the general topic for the discussion was the difference between personal and business development.

Well ..... is there a difference ? and the answer is (in my opinion) a resounding NO! because if you are a one man/woman band or small business then 'you are your business' and what you do or say affects the impression people have of you and/or your business image/identity.

I mean if you get negative or lazy or careless or impolite or are always late for meetings or provide dodgy products or unprofessional services or do anything which affects the impression people have of you, as an individual, would that affect your business dealings with prospective customers or business colleagues and the answer is ...... Of Course!

You started your business with a dream .....your dream and it is almost impossible to seperate the two fact if you reverse the above underlined statements and become ........ professional, careful and always deliver on promises would that have a positive impact on how you and your business activities were perceived and the answer is ...... OF Course (this is another of these 'of course' moments)

Is there any 'secret' to how we should address the 'of course' moments ..... NO!...... Very few things really rate as “secrets” in our personal or business lives anymore.

In fact, more often than not the word “secret” gets used in false, confusing, or even misleading ways. It seems dozens of books (more like 10,000 books) exist to explain the “secrets” for everything from how to crush the competition in business, make more money, have a better life, create better relationships… but do any of them really contain any “secrets” or are they just rehashing the same old stuff?

It makes you wonder…

Are there really any secrets that, if you learned them, would truly enable you to separate yourself from the competition and WIN virtually every single time you stepped into any arena of life?

No! but there is a way… and it’s so simple you’ll wonder why you never saw it or thought of it before!

I’m not talking about some lame theory of “winning” where you “win” just by showing up and feeling good by contributing and then count on everyone else to pay you back through some mystical, unexpected ways.

NOPE! NO way… that takes way too long and most people quit before that approach ever kicks in… let alone puts money in your bank account!

A major problem most people face in business (online or offline) or in their personal life comes down to answering the question “What am I selling?” whether it be for financial gain or simply an exchange of anything ....I am ......we are are...... involved in selling!

What are you selling in exchange for the money or results or friendship you seek from others?

Now some (maybe even you) might say “I don’t sell anything. I’m a _____________ (service provider,teacher, mother, fireman, cook, fill-in-the-blank)”

But if you want to market yourself offline/online, give yourself a running chance in any form of business, or be happy in other areas of your personal life, you must accept that fact that you ARE a salesperson.

You constantly “sell” people on why they should:

• Accept your business ideas
• Accept your point of view/change theirs
• Keep paying you as an employee
• Respect you as a father/mother or significant other
• Hire you for a new job/contract
• Pay you money for any type of service
• … and much, much more!

But there’s a problem… … and the problem is ........You’re probably doing whatever you’re doing the same way everybody else does it!

There’s a certain way most employees act…
a certain way most people sell offline/online…
a certain way most people behave with their kids…
a certain way most people treat their customers ....
a certain way most people decide what to sell (usually based on what they see others doing)…

Here’s the root of the problem… by doing things the same way others do them, selling the same things others sell, behaving the same way others behave, you create for yourself a little problem we call – competition!

FACT: A state of competition exists when customers (or family members) look at you, then look at other people, and compare the two of you against each other. As soon as others think they can make a comparison between you and someone (or some thing) else – you LOSE!

It doesn’t matter if it’s a fair or even comparison – “apples are apples” be damned! In fact, it doesn’t even matter if the comparison made has absolutely NO basis in reality. None of that matters!

As soon as your prospects, customers, or family members look at you and someone else and, in their minds, see you as equal -- you have LOST! GAME OVER!

Why? Because no matter how good you are, if you choose to compete directly or indirectly with others in any arena of business or personal life, there will ALWAYS be someone who is .......

• bigger
• better
• faster
• richer
• smarter
• nicer
• more fun
• better looking
• earlier
• flashier
• or cheaper than you are!

It’s a fact… if you live in the world of competition, you WILL (not might or maybe)… you WILL eventually lose out to someone else.

In an earlier post I mentioned Wallace D Wattles. In the early 1920's Wallace D Wattles wrote that 'we don't get rich by doing certain things .....we get rich by doing things in a CERTAIN way'

Competition and competing SUCKS! and in part two of this I'll explain why I think so and in what 'certain way' I think we can do something about it.


Quote for the day: "If you do the things you need to do, when you need to do them ...... then someday you will be able to do the things you WANT to do ..... when you want to do them" Zig Ziglar.