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What is going on with STV

Power Lunch Club

Power Lunch Club

New Member
Scottish Television is announcing today that they are dropping more ITV content from their schedules. There reason being that they want to take more control of the Scottish schedule.

The worry is that they we end up with either Scottish only output and do we have the budget to produce high quality drama. Can we do it?

Is the internet and the other media outlets enough for us as a nation to get our fix of other drama and promgramme....or is STV shafting the people of Scotland?

Full story here

BBC NEWS | Scotland | STV drops more ITV network dramas
I'll be perfectly blunt about this....

What's going on at STV is that it's currently being run by a raggle-taggle collection of ego-centric mentalists who are COMPLETELY divorced from the realities of running a television service...

For quite some time now the schedules have been controlled by bean-counters, upper-middle-class twits and pseudo-intellectual failed politicians.

At STV The Bean counters want to 'break' the traditional TV viewing habit in order that they can fleece subscriptions from the general public for the marginally-less-sub-standard twaddle they show on subscription channels. The upper-middle-class twits want to return to the days of the 'one-o'clock gang' (for the plebs) Thingumyjig (for the grannys) and dull-as-ditchwater documentaries about Scotland's glorious 'shortbread tin' past... Meanwhile the pseuds are empire building.....

STV's dying.... There's no real need for it to die. But it's been thrown to the hounds. If you've shares in STV sell them now while there's still half-a-quid in them! Changed days from when they were over thirty quid a share!
Scottish Business Owner

Scottish Business Owner

New Member

You obviously know far more about this than me but could there not be an opportunity emerge from this. I'm sure Scotland has it's fair share of talent and if there was some way to tap into this and expose it then would that not be a good thing?

You obviously know far more about this than me but could there not be an opportunity emerge from this. I'm sure Scotland has it's fair share of talent and if there was some way to tap into this and expose it then would that not be a good thing?
No denying it! Scotland has a HUGE amount of talent....

But that's not what this is about....

Replacing highly popular 'anchors' in the schedule like "The Bill" with dreich documentaries is simply driving away the core audience that already exists. Friday night; and STV's late night schedule consists of two naff American imports and the unexplainable "Night Watch" with Steve (who the F**k is he?) Scott...

Make NO mistake; STV was already struggling to hold its audience. These moves will ensure it becomes truly 5th rate....

Two things are at the heart of this... STV don't have to contribute to network programmes they don't show. So replacing relatively expensive content such as (for instance) "The Bill" with something much cheaper saves money. Admittedly a tiny amount of that goes to making local programmes... But STV are shedding staff, not hiring!!! And that's DESPITE all the pretensions as to this being about STV developing more of a Scottish identity...

Right now I probably could get you a really good Ex-STV presenter, freshly booted off the channel (despite being bloody good at her job!) for WELL under £1K ....a few years back folk like that were £5K a day IF you could get them! In the natural order of things people of that calibre just shouldn't be 'at liberty'. And while it's to my benefit that they are, that fact says more about the real state of broadcasting in Scotland than any pretentious BS trotted out by STV management...

Remember MUCH of the lost content is being blocked in by the very worst in low-rent American imports..

Now; I'm not suggesting that these dreich docos (etc.) shouldn't be made! STV have been doing this sort of thing since I was a kid; and they have their place... Clearly they serve a particular niche audience. But shoe-horning them into inappropriate slots is simply killing off the audience... That in turn is eroding the value of slots to advertisers....

I'm afraid this has NOTHING to do with creating a Scottish Identity or encouraging High Quality Production from Scotland... That can be done without disenfranchising your core audience... RTE, which is technically a foreign network manages to do this well and has done for decades... They at least realise the value of the ITV C3 'backbone' and it's place in the structure of the programme week. Break the link between that structure and the routine activities people fit their TV viewing around and you break the habit of viewing....

STV aren't alone in turning off their audiences... Screeds of channels on Freeview et all which are more or less just a waste of electricity...

But given the position they DID have and the potential they still have... There's only one word for what they're doing. STUPIDITY!
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Scottish Business Owner

Scottish Business Owner

New Member
How much of an impact do you think things like Sky+ and all the online iPlayer type sites are having on viewers typical viewing routines? It's very rare that I watch anything at the actual time it's on and much more likely that I will watch something at a time convenient to me.

I wonder if that C3 backbone is really that strong? I do agree with you that STV is probably now on a slippery slope. There is a much deeper issue I guess with TV in general. The BBC being funded by the taxpayer gives it quite an advantage.

I just wonder if TV as we know it is about to change because of what i've mentioned above.
TV got 'broken' a long time ago....

Must admit I make a lot of use of a hard disc recorder to timeshift and even effectively 'download' programmes that are on at odd hours. But I still expect to be 'spoon fed' the news and soaps and other trivia at certain times. One being time sensitive and the other being so banal as to be not worth chasing....

There is a lot of television I'd watch and enjoy; but yet not be prepared to make any great effort to see...

No; the backbone's not that strong. And I predict that scheduled Free To Air (FTA) programming will implode into maybe a half dozen channels at most... Actually I can see 'broadcasting' being decimated to the point where it more or less returns to its structure as was circa 1978...

Except it won't obviously command the audiences or budget it ones did..

iPlayer and Sky+ achieve nothing that hasn't been being achieved since the early 70's. It's just a question of scale. 20 years+ ago I was reading about the "teleputer".... Nothing new and nothing that shouldn't have been dealt with...

We live on the cusp of something thrilling.....

There have already been a few false starts. But you will buy a box soon, as easy and transparent to operate as a freeview box, which will deliver the programmes you want from an unbounded number of sources...

It's actually possible now. Nothing to stop me loading up a programme in 1080i encoded as AVCHD... Nothing to stop me selling that programme to a client who downloads their own local copy; and goes on to display it in full HD on their living room display.... Except at the moment the viewer needs to be pretty technically savvy.

In a world where people don't REALLY generally understand what stereophonic sound is, and less that 1 in 800 TV sets is set up to display a correct picture... T'ain't gonna happen...

However; imagine we could make the delivery of what we call today IPTV content transparent.... Suddenly the most obscure programme... World wide audience maybe 100,000 an earner!

Do a little legwork into a tiny little AIM listed company called Motive Television. They're the parent to such companies as Brown Eyed Boy who make "How Not To Live Your Life"..... They've just bought the rights to a system called BestTV. The system uses the 'dead air' on the freeview multiplexes to stream video on demand content. From the user's side it's virtually transparent...

Net result is that there will be HUGE opportunities for content producers at every level...
Gordon N

Gordon N

New Member
Interesting post Matt, I wasn't aware there was so much happening behind the scenes!

Riiiiiiiver Cityyyyy's amazing!

... on BBC? Oh.
For some time now Stu, I have been spelling 'city' with a 'sh' when referring to this particularly poor example of Scottish programming! ;)


New Member
You should hang your head in shame, Stu!!
I'll second, third and fourth that, Gordon. :D

I'm one of those folk who probably won't bother with a telly when they switch off the analogue. It's too much hassle and I already use the alternatives like iplayer and the good old fashioned radio.


New Member
STV are numpties. With cable or satellite it's easy to tune into other ITV regions which is what I did to see the last series of Lewis.


New Member
I love River City... Did you know that you can visit the set and everything?!!

LBX day out?? Ha!



New Member
Don't tell my girlfriend! She'd be there in a shot!

There's no such place as Shieldinch is there, where is it actually filmed?


New Member
There is good and bad with every development. TV is having to change and change fast if it s going to keep it's viewers. I would argue that no matter what it does it will not keep the viewers. Just look at the viewing habits of the young.

Also the not so young when I actually thin of the very, very few hours I watch.

The good news is for those innovative companies involved in the industry many new routes to business are opening up and for small businesses this leads to many opportunities to get coverage all be it the coverage is going to be seen by less viewers.

Mr Findlay said: "Despite the unprecedented macro economic situation and in particular the record decline in UK television advertising during the period, STV has delivered significant progress in all areas of the business during the first half of 2009.
Re-arrange the following and fill in the blank to arrive at a well known phrase or saying that applies to Mr Findaly

His up Head Own A*** :001_rolleyes:

"The Scots that Fought Franco" got 6% of the audience... "The Bill" was delivering 16%

Nobody's advertising because nobody's watching.....