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Unequal for business?



New Member
Maybe a bit heavy thought stuff this, but I’ve just reviewed a book by Daniel Dorling called “Injustice; why social inequality persists”

It’s a strongly argued book in which he argues that material inequality is not a natural thing, but is deliberately brought about and maintained by powerful political and rich elites.

He also documents that the UK is rated the 4th most unequal advanced society in the world – and that ‘poorer’ but more equal societies like Denmark have higher levels of contentment and far better levels of mental health than the richer ones like the UK.

I’m still wondering about the connection in all this between individual competitive businesses and business people and the wider society businesses operate in. Are these wider issues of inequality ‘anything to do with’ business people? Or is it a case that the best that business people should aim for in their business is maximum profit regardless, and that it is for others to sort out the other implications for society?

Powerfully argued and reasoned book leaving me still pondering these things.


New Member
Heavy stuff this Edward.

I think we are all seeing and feeling the implications and the reactions to what happens when businesses just go all out for profit and ignore their social responsibilities:sad:

Of course it is businesses role to make profit but with that profit come social responsibility. We cannot live in a bubble and the environment that you live and work in is critical to your well being.

Inequality helps no one in the long run, reversing the current situation in the UK from where we are to a more equal society is a huge task and probably the most important task we all have.

I suspect we will fail as we are now have several generations in sectors of society with no hope or ambition and hence skills to be able to progress.

At the other end we have those that think unlimited wealth is a good thing. Closing the gap between the above needs to happen as with moth things in life you need to find a balance to make things sustainable.

Employment Law Services

Employment Law Services

EmployEasily Legal Services
Interesting post......historically society has been split into three camps:

1) Everyone working for the communal good i.e. Labour / Socialism

2) Individuls working for themselves but sharing their weatlh i.e. Lib Dems/Liberlism

3) Individuals working for themselves but not sharing i.e. Torries / Capitalism

I wonder what impact a Torry / Lib Dem coalition will have going forward and how this might benefit / hinder SMEs?
Mike Lewis

Mike Lewis

New Member

As Employ Easily says, this is an interesting topic.

There are echoes here of Adam Smith - except that Smith tends to talk about self-interest directed to a common good, rather than Dorling's "powerful political and rich elites".

From Wealth of Nations:

It is not from the benevolence of the butcher, the brewer, or the baker that we expect our dinner, but from their regard to their own interest.



New Member
The author is correct and it's a very old argument and debate that goes right back to industrialization (and even much further back - origins of human nature etc).

Business contributes to social inequality - capitalism by its very nature creates a division [of labour] which gives birth to and feeds the inequality.

There have been attempts to address it, for example, business models (balanced scorecard etc) argue that success measurements should include social inpact, learning etc as well as financial goals.
Business Upside

Business Upside

Inequality or financial inequality mentions to the alteration amongst the rich and poor, the have and have-nots – it is exposed by people's dissimilar situations within the monetary circulation – wealth, pay and income.
Ford Jones

Ford Jones

New Member
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