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The price of oil....does it make you think

Power Lunch Club

Power Lunch Club

New Member
This morning oil prices rose again...and show no real sign or stopping....this despite OPEC nations promising to put more into the system to ease demand and hopefully lower the price.

Of course they can't lower (the don't control it like that) the price as this would create demand again.

BBC NEWS | Business | Oil price hits record near $142

On a personal/business level, it all makes me very concious of driving my car anywhere...I recently spent
nothing does

nothing does

New Member
If my clients or suppliers are in Edinburgh I always use the bus. It's so much easier and avoids the hassle of parking too. But it can be difficult if you have an out of town client and have to be there at a certain time etc. I was seriously thinking about ditching the car and joining Edinburgh Car Club.
We simply could not operate without our cars. I've umpteen cases of equipment to lug around to the point where my BASIC kit BARELY fits in the car!

And the simple truth of the matter is that with most of the burden being tax the villains of the piece here are the government. There is one single issue that affects and drives the cost of EVERYTHING; and that's fuel.

OPEC have no incentive to act to reduce the price. If they can reduce output but at the same time raise the price they keep their revenue streams steady and prolong the life of a dying cash cow. That's what all the absolute bullshit the great unwashed are being duped into swallowing about climate change is all about.... On the one hand we're being urged to reduce our 'carbon footprint' and cut our energy consumption... Fine; I've no problem with that. But on the other we're told that to do this we need to buy into increasingly disposable technologies.

Cars for instance. Much of the pollution associated with any given single car is associated with it's creation....

It's perfectly possible to take a 1960's Morris Minor and fit a modern engine to it. In fact it's perfectly possible to fit modern fuel injection and after-market engine management systems to a 1960's A series engine. Quite common too for these things to be rebuilt time after time after time...

And when the basic components are beyond rebuilding they can be melted down and made into a new engine!

You'd think we'd have got better at it by now. But instead of building vehicles with lifespans of 25 years plus, which is perfectly possible, newer cars are becoming increasingly more fragile. It's quite common to see 10 year old vehicles with serious corrosion. As for the electronics; they're deliberately made so complex and obscure that even WITH an HND in electronic engineering you've no hope of being able to do anything much to save them...

Towards the mid-80s the lifespan of the average car was increasing. And thus the technology was becoming more sustainable. By the end of the 80's they were introducing emission controls in earnest in the UK. And today we have a situation where the average car's lifetime is being reduced and the technology is thus LESS sustainable.....

We're doing a lot of the right things but for completely the wrong reason. Oil's running out and should be conserved. But that's been the case for more than three decades. Were this 'crisis' anything other than one created by artificial means to feed the greed of oil magnates and politicians then sustainable technologies would have been the norm before many members of the forum were born and today a car that runs on petrol would be as rare as one that ran on motor spirit!

On my seventh birthday, which fell on the day after the first moon walk, I can recall my uncle telling me about Fuel cells and cars running on water.... A little off the mark of course. But why is it only NOW, almost 39 years later that I'm able to read of a fuel cell powered bus that emits only water into the atmosphere.... During WW2 cars and petrol lorries were often run on town gas or alcohol and diesel engines on vegetable oil both of which were known even then to be viable alternative to highly polluting crude oil based products

...Yet if you have an LPG powered car today you've to plan well ahead to be able to fill it up. And run you're old Landrover off cooking oil from Makro (perfectly possible!) and you STILL get shafted for road fuel duty by the government....

So yes; the price of oil does make me think. It' makes me thing about decades of political interference. Of beneficial technologies being 'buried' because of commercial interests. Of the greed. Of the corruption. Of infrastructures being destroyed for no other reason than to provide money-extraction opportunities for the cronies of those and such of those...

And most of all how our political overlords really ARE no more than 21st century Robber-Barons. as in unscrupulous feudal lords who amass personal fortunes by using illegal and immoral business practices.