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The kind of shoot I love doing

Brian McIntosh

New Member
No wonder I'm putting on weight!! I get to eat them afterwards. :tongue_smilie:



New Member
I sit bad that when I look at this I'm more thinking...that looked like an awfey nice tea cup! I'm obsessed with the thought of owning a tea set! With a cake stand and all!

Very nice picture of the cupcake though, they are so fashionable these day-crazy you can even say that about a cupcake!


Brian McIntosh

New Member
Sam, it was a really great cup of tea. Made even better by the raspberry cupcake to eat along with it. I was in my local Waterstones bookshop taday and couldn't believe the amount of books on how to make cupcakes. How difficult can it be? :w00t:


New Member
For someone like me I would need all the help I could get lol!! I burn everything!

I like the little kits you can buy, with the cookbook and little accessories.

They are such a trend though, some people having them instead of wedding cakes, at openings, and I was watching the junoir apprentice and you can charge £2.20 odds for a single cake! And they weren't even cooking them, they bought pre cooked bases.

So you can see why folk are after them.



New Member
Yup, and tat wasnt even for a personalised one. Some have so much work put into them though and are so lovely i would happily treat myself to one for that price or more

This is just one site, so many and all making me hungry lol!! If I ever managed to open my own shop, I would have cupcakes for everyone :) as it something a bit different a you can get them designed to suit the occassion.

I can't believe i'm discussing cupcakes but FFS, £2.20 for a cake? :confused1: I'm in the wrong profession!!

Oh I need to find the photo of this but....

MANY years ago my then fiance and I got invited to a VERY posh VERY exclusive do at a VERY expensive London nightspot... I was working for Thames at the time and this do was a birthday bash for a major pop star.. still a household name...

The whole thing was Red Carpet, press outside ... the works...

The meal was diabolical.... Nouvelle Cuisine; so there wasn't much of it and what there was tasted like minced carpet laced with rubber...

Come 10:00 Fi and I decide we've had enough and we're headed down the pub... Pausing only to fill up at the chip shop 'round the corner from the restaurant...

Of course we weren't the only ones... And some of the press 'togs were onto this. And as we came out of the chippy there was a flash and....

SOMEWHERE out there is a picture a very surprised, very glamorous Chinese-looking girl tottering along in 4" heels, fun fur coat, LBD, sparkly diamond earrings, big hair the lot... Stuffing the most enormous fistfull of greasy chips into her exquisitely made-up face...

Taken on rather a wide angle lens it's not the most flattering of pictures; and it's tastefully set off by little details such as the bottle of R Whites (couldnay get ony Irn Bru) stuffed into the pocket of the fur coat...

The overall effect is enhanced by the advanciong angry-looking gorilla in a dinner suit standing behind her looking as though he's about to shove the black-pudding he's holding up the photographer's right nostril...

Oh how we laughed :cursing:the next day when colleagues made a wanted poster out it , photocopied it and pasted it up on every lampost and pillar box on Euston Rd and the surrounding streets...

We were equally delighted when several papers printed it; including the Daily Record. Fi's mum was particularly impressed by just how well turned out her daughter was...


.... Since then I've learned to stick to Pizza Hut when planning a night out; Small delicate portions of food not quite hitting the spot...


£2:20 for a cup cake of a whole battenburgh for 99p out of Asda? Which is best? There's only one way to find out..:thumbup: