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The future of Education and business



New Member
If you have an interest in education of the youth of today and of yourself please take 10 minutes and watch this video.

It is obvious to me that the education system is not preparing people for the workplace and has not been doing so for sometime.

That is not good for them or the productivity of your business.

Watch this talk by Sir Ken Robinson
Scottish Business Owner

Scottish Business Owner

New Member
Couldn't agree more Peter. The RSA animate stuff is brilliant and we've spoken about that before on the forums. A really great way to emphasise a point.

I left school 13 years ago and many people still dont believe me when I tell them that the internet was not a big thing at all during my time at school ( I wish it was!). I was pretty academic in a school that came bottom of most league tables produced at the time. There is a factory line mentality still to this day in schools which doesn't really equip people for the real world. We get taught about world wars and learn how to speak different languages (ok decent enough to know about but it doesn't really equip you with any skills).

I've spoken before on here that children should start to learn the basics of money and financial management from a very young age because that's part of real life. There's loads of other areas you could apply the same thinking to.

Schools and education consume lots of money but i'm not sure they produce very much. How many times have you read about the big time entrepreneur who never did anything at school and told they were doomed for failure.

For me in addition to financial management enterprise should be at the forefront of education. I dont think i'll ever see it in my lifetime and to some extent it troubles me that I (as a parent) have to send my child to school to supposedly learn things that will equip them for the bg bad world.

This subject has lots of different elements to it and I know for a fact we have people on the forums who feel very passionate about this. The answer to how we solve these issues isn't clear though like most things that are going on at present.


New Member

I was at out local school last night as my eldest is in 6th year. Reasonable school for the state system. However, listen to the staff it was very clear to me that the were just ensuring that they got the kids through the exams that they are being put up for. It was a factory mentality and a rigged one at that.

They had no idea on how to prepare kids for the future workplace and maybe because of the workplace they are in I should not expect them to have that ability.

I totally agree about financial education, it should be a priority, it is essential if we are going to get the economy sorted that attitudes to finance and risk are changed. We need to become a nation of savers and investors rather than a nation of borrowers and gamblers.

it is a broken system and there is no way that any government of any party is going to do a radical overhaul as it is just to political and I am also convinced that they do not understand or feel the changes that are happening in society.

If it is going to change it has to be from within by parents and teachers demanding change.
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