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New Member
Hi All,

I just wondered what everyone's thoughts were regarding the above, does it help potential customers understand what services / products you sell? Do you think it's beneficial to have a strapline?

Thanks for looking.

Kind Regards



New Member
ooooo I have heard of daughter is doing a media and communication course and she is always talking about them. Unfortunately I don't remember what she told me about them but I suspect that they are important.
Mike Lewis

Mike Lewis

New Member
In my non-expert opinion, the question shouldn't be whether to use a strap-line, but whether you can come up with one that's original, concise, witty, memorable, easy-to-understand, or any combination of the above.

If you can come up with the right line, it can only help your business. If the only one you can think up is long, convoluted or takes an effort to understand, then leave it alone.

An example of a bad one I saw today was something like: "Using modern technological solutions in innovative ways to promote traditional values". I don't remember it exactly, probably because it was so long-winded. Most people wouldn't get past the third or fourth word.

By contrast, I saw one a few months ago that stuck in my memory. It was for a firm of emergency plumbers: "Serving Edinburgh since 7 o'clock this morning."

Scottish Business Owner

Scottish Business Owner

New Member
I'm a fan of straplines myself but I do think they only fit certain situations. Like the others have said if you dont get it straight away and have to think about it then I would leave well alone.

All the credit for ours has to go to Stu as he came up with it and takes great pleasure in reminding me of it :p

Are you thinking about having one yourself Neil? Why not stick a post up in the private section and see if we can come up with one for you collectively :)

McVicar Marketing

New Member

I think most of the previous comments have it spot on – a strapline works if it actually says something of value, if it’s the correct way to frame a message in that context, and if it has meaning for your target audience.

Most importantly, it’s all about what you need your customers to understand from your communications. As with any marketing/promotional message, it has to be about effectively communicating what your customers need, in a way that interests and drives your customers to take the next step.

For my marketing services - ‘Creative Concepts – Tangible Results’

(targeting business customers, who need to know they’ll get tailored marketing services, which they can see have delivered real success)

For my business partner’s photography business ( - ‘see the difference’

(targeting consumers, who often think they can just use their own digital camera to get professional results)

And for my specialist services for writers(,“they say that everyone has at least one good book in them ... what they didn't say was that it takes professional support to get it published”

(targeting aspiring authors, who know that they have a book in them, but not what to do once they’ve got it out onto paper)

Obviously, a strapline doesn’t ‘work’ by itself and it also has different uses within different contexts.

Just think of what you need to say, who you need to say it to and where you’re going to say it.

All best,


New Member
See if you can find a copy of Ivan Misners "seven second marketing" its about how to create a good strapline. I think he founded BNI


Active Member
Verified Member
All the credit for ours has to go to Stu as he came up with it and takes great pleasure in reminding me of it :p

I was just about to reply to Alison's post about how fantastic the strap-line is, and remind you again ;)
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New Member
Mine's ''s the only way to be sure™". This relates to my guaranteed service but I just use it in an irreverant, 'cheeky' way. (Spot the movie reference, too!) ;) Our forums' is "Creating Chemistry between UK Business People™" which kinda works well. We've certainly had a few comments. :)

Red Doe

New Member
Mine is Nulli Seconda (second to none) which I`m pretty sure almost nobody gets as I get folks asking me "What is that?" all the time! :D