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Starting the New Year with Right Thinking

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New Member
I hope everyone at the SBF had a great Christmas and now you're looking forward to a NEW and exciting 2009.

One of the habits that I learned from reading Bill Gates through one of his books was that once a year he would (no matter how busy his schedule) take at least a week off.

He would go to his "island" (yes, he has his own island) or office, and with no computers, no emails, no phone calls, no meetings, he would just be all by himself to think and reflect.

So that's what I did recently - I took a week off just to think. Even though it was freezing outside I went off on my favourite walk along the beach at Fisherow Harbour just outside Musselburgh. After that I just locked myself in my home office with my personal diary - no email, no phone call, no TV - just silence for an entire day. All I did was think and write my thoughts in my notepad.

Henry Ford, years ago, said it best: "Thinking is probably the hardest work there is, and that's why very few people engage in it." I wholeheartedly agree with that.

So during my "thinking" day, I would just sit down or occasionally, drink coffee, walk around and just... THINK.

I would write down any ideas that I might have, do a lot of self-reflecting.

Looking back at 2008, I think I accomplished about 80% of the goals I set for myself. I didn't reach 100% of my goals, but I feel good about what I did.

Met some great people, made a bunch of money, landed some key contracts, made some stupid mistakes, grew my business ventures, wrote a new ebook, lost a few pounds.

Joining the Scottish Business Forums was a key moment, for me last year.

Overall 2008 was a great year for me.

What are your goals for upcoming 2009?

As we begin a fresh New Year, we often think of resolutions, what we would like to accomplish, setting new goals or making significant changes in an area of our life.

What often happens is we set a goal, get all pumped up but soon lose the motivation to stick with it. Just like a car that can only go in two directions, either forward or backward, we also can move forward or backward in our lives. Why does this happen?

Well, the one key factor is the thoughts that we allow to take residence in our minds. Our every thought either takes us toward our goals and desires or away, and has a positive or negative effect on the direction of our lives - both personal and business.

Compare your brain to a computer. If a new PC is loaded up with virus contaminated programs would you expect it to run smoothly? Of course not, because you get out of the computer exactly what you put in - your brain is exactly the same.

If you are moving backward then take time to analyze your thoughts. Make a determined effort to recognize negative thoughts and treat them as your worst enemy. Try not to dwell on them. Putty can be molded into any shape or form and so too, your life can be shaped and your destiny set by your thoughts.

Remember, the potential for change is the same for everyone. It only takes acceptance of the idea that change is possible coupled with the determination to follow-through. It's not always easy to control our thoughts, but certainly not impossible, and the rewards can last a lifetime.

Begin this New Year by changing your thoughts one step at a time. Set yourself a goal for the week or month and devote full attention to controlling your thoughts. Start with at least one hour each day and increase the time as your confidence and thinking improve. It is a habit that needs nurturing and a habit you'll come to cherish.

Hoping to get a chance to meet up with everyone throughout 2009

Power Lunch Club

Power Lunch Club

New Member
What a great post John, thanks for putting it up.

I am a great believer in taking time out to think as well. Your post reminded of the book, 'Think and Grow Rick' by Napoleon Hill, which focuses on the fact we become what we think about.

I have started just yesterday...(planning to do it for a while)...doing a course based upon another great book, 'The Masterkey System' by Charles Haanel. Which helps up us develop the skill of mastering our thoughts.

Most of us get bogged down with life (even as I type this, I have a 4 year old trying to get up on my knees) and don't get a real chance to sit and think....and yet it is the one fundamental thing which could change our lives and help us achieve (and even set) brilliant goals.

The course is based upon 24 weeks of discipling yourself to think and develop good techniques to do it. And shows you how to achieve execlty what you focus on. Each sections is too be applied for a week at a time.

This first is just about taking 15-30 minutes to yourself....(and of course your thoughts fly all over the place (but that's not important at this stage),it's about the discipline of taking time out....the course develops from there.

Folks, I have had the pleasure of having a coffee with John, back in October it was great conversation from a very experianced business man. I would recommend you phone him up and get a coffee....John expect my phone call on Monday to arrange one again.