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private insurance plans


New Member
Do many Scottish companies offer private health insurance plans to their employees or do most people simply use the national plan? If one obtains private policies would this generally be through their employers or completely on their own?
Scottish Business Owner

Scottish Business Owner

New Member
Private health insurance in Scotland is normally offered as a package of benefits to an employee through their employer. They are quite popular and have a lot of perceived value to the employee. The more senior position you hold the more likely these types of policies are extended to not only the employee but also their direct family.

It is normally classed as a benefit in kind so the employee has to pay tax on the contributions made. Some employers will also cover this cost to essentially make it free to the employee.


New Member
and why can't the United States have plans like these instead of ours where we struggle to pay premiums from month and God forbid we get sick- then may lose what coverage we have altogether and never be able to regain insurance again?
Well, it has to be said, that these plans whilst not all that rare are not at all common either. There are certain industries where it's seen as a standard perk others (like teaching) where it's virtually unheard of.

Another point is that private plan or not we already pay into a compulsory health plan. Although over the years its scope and purpose has become abused and perverted by successive administrations. Whether the premium is met by employer or employee it's ultimately part of the renumeration package and in the final analysis we pay twice for the same thing...

And from the employers perspective this is particularly galling. The value of paying for an employees health insurance is essentially contained in the concept of your employee gets 'broken' you've got maintenance cover t0 make sure they get 'fixed' and put back into service quickly... That's only necessary because the NHS doesn't work as well as it did (say) 25 or 30 years ago....


New Member
Private healthcare as Matt rightly points out is mostly found in the private sector and normally only for key employees, although it has diversified a bit in the past few years. I have private medical cover myself which come is useful lately when I had to get some dental treatment. Normal dentist said three months but when I called my insurers they got me an appointment within two weeks!

Brian IFA


New Member
That makes me sick, that, NHS dentist that have 3 month waiting lists but if you pay to go private they'll see you the next week.

Why do we bother paying National Insurance in this country to then have to pay for our treatment on top of it privately.

lets face it the way this country is going, were all going to end up on NHs waiting lists for months, with no teeth working until they day we pop our cloggs.

I got a sales call for dental insurance, a few weeks ago telling my all the benefits, i said why should i pay, i already pay national Insurance, why should i fork out more money for something i should be entitled to already, not surprisingly she was experience difficulties with her phone and had to cut me off :D

honestly sometimes i really think its time to emigrate from the UK