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Posts a hopin and a jumpin...

I'm sure we've all noticed that every now and again on the word association thread somone responds to a post that was made some time earlier... Often days earlier; sometimes leading to mild amusement and leg pulliing...

But in the last few weeks I've experienced the same thing on other threads. I've just responded to a post in Alison's 'no brain' thread which pre-dates a response I made the other day; yet wasn't visible the other day!

This has happened a few times and to be honest I thought it was just my addle-headedness but nooo....

Is the forum haunted perhaps? :D:D:D
Scottish Business Owner

Scottish Business Owner

New Member
It's not something I've noticed Matt to be honest and I am on fairly regularly. I had a chat with Stu about this earlier so we will now look to monitor this.

If anyone else is having the same problems then could they also let us know in this thread.

It would be cool to have a forum ghost :p
Farce book?? No me! And I'm strictly a malt man...

As I say the word association thread seems to have quite a few instances of this... And spread across a few users... It's an odd one....

Wonder who the ghost could be??? :D


New Member
I think it's when you click into the thread and it's one you've not checked for a while and the new responses have ventured over to another page. If you've not noticed this and then use the option for a quick reply, it could then appear to be out of sink.

The most recent one on the word association page seemed like this had happened. Then i got to the end of all the new posts and glanced at the odd one out.

Kind Regards

I was thinking more of some issue with a clock on some server somewhere...

Certainly if I access this or any other forum from Stow I often see a thread that I know to be active apparently ending days or weeks before. then on the next visit being fine. But that's down to an issue with the thin clients we have on our desks there...

But from home, on a normal PC? Definitely haunted this forum!


New Member
I've noticed that when I click on the last page of the "Word Association" thread. instead I get taken to the second last page end up replying to the last post there.


Active Member
Verified Member
For the word association thread, this could be a bug in Vbulletin. I've seen it happen on another business forum where there's thousands of posts about whether or not God exists... when you click on a link to the thread, or you click on certain pages, it sometimes doesn't do what you expect.

I'll investigate if this is a pagination issue.

Jim, have you noticed this on any other threads or just Word Association?