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Photo Usage Infringements, Advice Needed



New Member
not sure if this is the right category, but here goes:

I need advice on photo usage infringements.
I live in Glasgow, Scotland. and I need advice on the following issue.
I did a photographic job as a volunteer for a beauty event last august (two days work). The organization (not a charity) promised that they would credit me each time they would credit me every time they use my work. It was put in writing in a contract that the organization insisted on to make sure, as they told me, that I would be there to cover the event (contract attached).
The contract also state that I remain the copyright holder of the photos.
However, time and again, they failed to credit me properly, both on social media and on their website). Which leads meta believe, as well, that they might have used my photos for other means as well (which I have no way to check) either on magazines, internal or otherwise or for advertising purposes.
They posted the said photos on social media (facebook, instagram) in august 2018.
They have used about 400 photos of mine without crediting me since august 2018. And they are still using them to promote another event for this year, again, without adding my name to them. An event for which they charge their customers.
I sent them an email in January citing the omission of the credits on the photos (with screen grabs showing some of the photos without my name attached. They have replied that they forgot and they told me that they would remedy to it.
However, as of this day, they have only credited 37 photos out of 400 published (as far as I know) online. I have gathered all the evidence needed (screenshots and videos).
Now they are using my photos (still without the due credit) to promote a future event, , and they have asked me to cover the event (being there covering that event from 9am to 10pm) for free again. I told them that this time I will charge them and gave them my quote event. They replied that It is too expensive and they would only be willing to pay £100 for coverage of the event (working for 13 hours) and including delivery of the images). I obviously rejected their offer.
Would anyone know what are my recourses. Can I sue then for failing to fulfill the terms on the contract? (I have kept screen grabs of the several example of my photographs published on social media and their website without crediting my name). I have drafted a cease and desist letter and an invoice that I intend to send them (see photos). What do you think? I have attached a copy of the contract as well here.I would be very grateful if anyone could give me advice regarding this.


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New Member
here is the copy of the contract.


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