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New Member
Why is it that OPEC will not budge on the amounts of oil which are sold even when economies around the world are flagging? Are they really so secure with all of their oil that they just do not care what is happening in other parts of the globe?
In short.. Yes!

Oil is (in the long term) a diminishing resource. That's why we're being fed all the global warming claptrap; we're simply running out of the stuff and the big slimy cashcow is looking a bit wobbly on her pins...

BUT the oil producers don't want to loose the revenue stream or have it diminished. Nor do the administrations many of whom have their own nose firmly in the trough. Therefore the world is being manipulated into a position of LOWER oil dependency, but not independency.

Commercially we're constantly sold the dummy of reducing carbon emissions, while all the time being encouraged to becoming devotees of ever more disposable (and therefor polluting) technologies. Many of them heavily dependent on petro-chemicals...

The unit price can, thus be inflated while physical supplies are restricted.

Both the U.S. and Europe could have been freed (to a greater extent at least) from the current stranglehold had we, as was floated 30+ years ago, started developing fuel crops. Instead, the UK government has skirted around sustainable energy polices. These have in the whole been underfunded (or the funding diverted to 'pet' projects rather than the most viable) while all the time stealth taxes have been imposed on ordinary citizens ensuring nice healthy coffers for our 'robber barons'...

It IS now well over a quarter century since I personally stood in a lab at Strathclyde University and saw a demonstration of Salter's Duck... Try a Google search for "Salters Duck" and follow the links to the Hansard report in which members of the nuclear industry were proven to have changed facts and figures to show that 'nuclear is more effective' than tidal and wave power... They literally moved a decimal point to discredit the device and its inventor. And such has been the case with many alternative fuel/energy sources...

Did you know for instance that you can literally take the waste frying oil from your local fish-and-chip shop. Filter it (quite crudely) and, with the help of a simple heater system (to lower it's viscosity) run many diesel engines on it? People do it with old Landrovers and the like....

There are a few thousand people in the UK today running their cars of chip-shop waste processed in garden sheds. Apparently we're now at the stage where folk are buying clean vegetable oil from makro and dumping that straight into their vehicles... It's cheaper than diesel! With more sophisticated processing that same product can run the majority of diesel engines.

New technology? Hardly. I remember being told that you could run a diesel off chip-fat by an elderly relative; apparently they did just this during wartime fuel shortages. Grain alcohol anyone? No; not a drinks invitation but there in many an Irish (and American) backwater it's well known you can run a car off moonshine... Again there's no REAL reason why that crude product can't be developed to replace petrol...

OPEC ....we're in their grip because our governments have made it so!