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Is wave energy the future for Scotland?

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Scottish Business Owner

Scottish Business Owner

New Member
Picked up the below news story on the BBC website regarding sites being opened up in the north of Scotland to explore the possibilities and wave and wind energy.

BBC News - 'Milestone' for wave energy plans

I'm just wondering what other people's thoughts are with regards to this. In principle it seems like a really promising development but then when you start to look at it you can see that all the big energy companies are first in the door.

Not knowing massive amounts about it I would guess that it takes massive amounts of capital investment to get something like this off the ground without no real promise of a return. I'm interested in finding out what this means for smaller businesses who wont be able to fund such massive investments.

As I say it does sound promising but i'm not sure whether it will make i's way down the chain in terms of benefitting smaller businesses.

This always WAS a viable way of producing energy!

Conspiracy!: Salter’s Duck Vestal Design Blog

Contrary to the complete pack of lies that were put about at the time the duck was phenomenally efficient... I recall, as a young technician at Strathclyde Uni, having the opportunity to see the model demonstrated and being absolutely blown away by what I saw...

Now that the great Co2 myth is being pushed as a means of revenue raising wave power is derigeur again... It's the right move being made for all the wrong reasons and 30 years later than it ought to have been made!

It was the big energy companies and the nuclear lobby that killed it off the last time under the most sinister of sinister circumstances.
Rickwood Portpatrick

Rickwood Portpatrick

New Member
Whether co2 is a myth or not, this country need to sort out it`s energy sources and quick!
Oil prices rose above $82 today and we are now seeing forecasts of £1.25 per litre for petrol by April.
When I see stories like the one about wave power and they say it will power 700,000 homes, I think " Is that all!" there will probably be that many new houses in Scotland by the time the energy is in full production so we will just be standing still.
Will it benefit small businesses?Probably not directly but I should think that the boost to the economy in and around Shetland should have a positive effect on small businesses in that area.
If nothing is done about the supply and cost of energy then more small businesses will unfortunately go to the wall!
Fact is crude prices are much lower today than they where when pump prices hit their last peak... Current crippling fuel prices are down to rip-off levels of taxation driven by the Co2 myth and have absolutely NOTHING to do with levels of oil production, raw markets or for that matter any sort of environmental or ecological concern.

It's down to plain simple greed on the part of fat cats...

It's true that oil IS a limited resource. But then we knew that 40 years ago. Salter's Duck (and other animals) was a response to THAT. In practical terms such initiative can only ever help us stand still; but do so in a way that's sustainable and will boost employent on a relatively local scale.

So in terms of an energy strategy based on honesty, integrity and realistic needs (employment, ecological, sustainability) projects such as this are essential.

Salter, in my view was a visionary on a par with notables such as Watt and Clerk-Maxwell. One of the great unsung technological hereos of the 20th century. This concept is indeed one where the future of energy production lies.


New Member
Important to remember that it's early days yet. Some of those concepts will fail and the rest will need further development. That means a lot more investment of course and talking recently to the MD of one of the those companies about the attitude here he told me he had to go overseas for his latest funding round. His concern now is that the ownership of his company will also go overseas.


New Member
Hi ,

I work closely with companies in the renewable industry and while I don't think wave energy or any other technology alone is the answer its certainly going to be an important part of the mix in delivering energy going forward.

Over the next few years there is certainly going to be a lot of focus on marine energy as well as offshore wind in Scotland and the UK. There is something like £100bn being invested in offshore wind across Britain.

As far as a business opportunity for Scotland there is going to be a lot of spin off business resulting from these huge investments. Yes, the majority of the large-scale projects will be fronted by large companies but all of these investments will require new supply chains for manufacturing, installing and servicing these new installations.

Much like the oil and gas business there will be room for large, medium and small businesses to get involved. Its something that my company is looking to help companies in Britain get connected into. There are also a number of public sector initiatives to encourage the development of these supply chains.
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Business Upside

Business Upside

With its widespread Atlantic coastline, Scotland has certain of the world's finest wave and tidal energy possessions, and there is a chance to grow technologies to yoke this energy thus generating a robust segment that will get both jobs and clean energy.
Business Upside

Business Upside

Scotland has a target to deliver the equivalent of 100% of gross electricity consumption from renewables by the end of this year.