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Is It Damaging To Uk Trade To Attack Donald Trump?



New Member
Staff member

Are some people so caught up in attacking Donald Trump, and his many faults, while forgetting that he is still president of the USA - the most powerful country in the world.

Will these constant attacks impact Scottish and UK trade with the US in the short term?


Active Member
Love him or loathe him he is still the most powerful man on the planet in terms of economic power. Strange that just a few years ago he was being courted by the Scottish government but now he is the devil incarnate :)


New Member
Nothing strange about it... Salmond (and do bear in mind this is a dyed-in-the wool small-n nationalist speaking here) was just being a obsequious, spineless, snivelling little groat-groveller taken in by the nudest of naked emperors. And that's in the nature of people like him.

I've worked in television all my adult life. And I've worked alongside some pretty famous names, particularly in the music industry. There is a name in the trade for people like that; "starf**kers"! And they're objects of ridicule and contempt among the targets of their attention. - But the more cynical 'players' know how to manipulate "starf**kers", and that's exactly what Trump did to Salmond.

He isn't a daft wee wean who would know no better (mind you, neither are most folk that behave like this); it was a shameful display at the time on the part of Salmond and his lackeys, and a spectacular display of how he is lacking in any credible type of leadership.

History reflects the wholly fraudulent and utterly dishonest nature of Trump's promises and rhetoric.

I'm not taken in by the current Scottish Government and its players either. It's important to remember though that it isn't a granite monolith nor are its inhabitants (for the most part) people of integrity and principle. So, the government that sooked-up to Trump those few years ago, just isn't the same one that's making a mess of things now.

Nobody... Not in their personal life and not in the life of their business or nation, should kau-tau to a crook or bully, no matter what rank or position they hold. He's the POTUS for now, not forever. What's more, he isn't America. For who can have a grain of respect for a man who would try to gain position by denying an old lady running water? - and having attended news conferences up there - I've seen the evidence of how this animal works first hand.

The man is utter vermin in my book... Absolute scum! And the fact is business, real everyday business, isn't done at this 'fantasy football' level or in that way - only in the minds and delusions of politicians and psychopaths.

My daughter's an undergraduate costume designer... whilst working on a film a year or so back she found herself holed up in this place -

That's an old site, and the place is really closed down/run down, which is why it was being used as a film set. Rumour has it that Trump phoned up the current owner (slightly eccentric foreign businessman) and offered him a few Mil for it... "F**ck off! I''d rather let the place fall down" - were the reputed words of a very wise man in response.

I know who I'd rather do business with!