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iPhone 4 - Thoughts?

  • Thread starter Scottish Business Owner
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Scottish Business Owner

Scottish Business Owner

New Member
OK - I know this isn't for everyone but if you're a bit of a gadget geek like me you wont have missed last nights announcement of both the new iPhone4 and iOS4 (as it will now be called).

I've put a link below to a decent review of what Apple announced (it also has a video!)

The general consensus seems to be that it's more of an evolution than anything massively innovative and different. Not much surprises given the recent leak but all the same hoping some others will feel like commenting.

Any thoughts?
Tim Barlow

Tim Barlow

New Member
Well, I'll be getting one! (Without really having a clue what i'll be getting but Mrs B needs an iPhone and I know a 3GS that's had enough of being abused by it's current owner)
Canary Dwarf

Canary Dwarf

New Member
, I am a bit a gadget geek too. I have the iPhone 3GS, a Sony Xpera X10 running Android and my old Nokia N95 running Symbian S60 which I am still reluctant to get rid of (there's still some pretty good apps for Symbian. I use the N95 to run a mobile wireless network that acts as a hub for five wireless devices.

Like Tim, I will be passing on my 3GS and getting the new iPhone.

When I saw the leaked phone, I thought I wouldn't bother, but after seeing the keynote yesterday, I'm hooked, as long as there's an upgrade path from the 3GS otherwise it will be too expensive. I particularly like the upgraded camera which can also record HD movies and 5mp stills, a big jump from the 3GS. I've been thinking of getting a flip or Kodak Zi8, so won't need to now.

I love the concept of a glass back, the iPhone glass offers better scratch resistance than the painted metal back.

And it's got the A4 chip in it making it a lot quicker which means the multi-tasking of iOS4 will not slow the phone down to a crawl.
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New Member
As a long time user of Windows Mobile devices, I purchased an iPhone 3Gs last year as I was frustrated by the stability of windows mobile and the generally clunky attempts of manufacturers to drop a 'cool' user interface over the top. Android at the time wasn't quite up to the mark either. My last HTC handset - the Touch HD - currently travels in my backpack for when I want an FM radio to listen to.

Anyway, I admit I was seduced by the slick iPhone interface and the design of the handset, the great apps, etc. If you don't have an iPhone or have not used one before then the (hate to use the word) "experience", well - it just works and works well.

There is no doubting the iPhone 4 will do it better.

After a few months of ownership however, it did start to irritate me. No multitasking, no file manager, can't save mail attachments, O2 3G coverage poor and you need this most of the time, O2 charges expensive, using the phone as a broadband modem not possible unless you pay for tethering service, overseas use costs are horrendous, the whole iTunes sync thing with mutliple PC's seems to be lost on me.

Hopefully OS4 will address some of these issues although I don't think I'll be rushing to buy an iPhone 4. Video calling for me - pointless gimmick.

Finally Steve Jobs is just irritating and he needs to sort out his wardrobe. Looks like he's always wearing his big brothers black poloneck and a pair of Asda "dad" jeans!


New Member
I am a little biased towards Blackberry, however being in the industry I have heard many tales (good and bad) about the iPhone 4. One thing I do know is that thanks to Apples superb marketing campaign, the iPhone 4 offers least value for money of all the smartphone handsets currently available.

The FNBG Blog: iPhone 4

As I say.......i am biased. I would be interested to hear feedback from iPhone 4 users.

Negotiate Now

New Member
Today sees the launch of the 1Pad2 and Australians have been queueing up for one for the last two days. Here in the UK they started queueing 33 hours before it goes on sale at 5pm. It is reputedly faster and cleaner than the last model, has cameras on the front and back, and the cost ranges from £399.00 - £659.00 depending on whether you want it with or without wi-fi and 3G. The demand for these is expected to exceed the supply. It is expected that owners of older models will get them updated if they can't get the new one. We were told this morning that research company Gartner says that smartphones are outselling PCs due to their portability and long battery life and it's expected that even the professionals will be using tablets as substitutes for PCs in their offices soon. They found out that in 2010 PC sales in the US declined by 6.6% while tablet sales escalated. So, will we all be using them at work in the near future? It could be possible but theoretically the smartphone has its place as a portable web browser for lower key gasmes and apps - in other words a toy. The keys are small as is the print so it makes it difficult to send emails and Apple will not allow Adobe Flash on their tablets which excludes a lot of internet content. The sales are impacting on those who have a PC but were considering buying a laptop as well. Also on those who feel that a laptop is too heavy to carry around. Basically PCs and laptops do a lot more for a lot less money and we're not clearing out our office equipment just yet.