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i found this guys .. How To Make Cannabis Tea Or Coffee



New Member
Many people drink more than 1000 trillion cups of tea a year. So what better way to liven up your day by throwing a bit of cannabis into the mix.

With a rise in mainstream acceptance, more and more people are looking at how cannabis can improve their lives. However, miseducation has left the average Joe believing that the only way to consume cannabis is through smoking.

This lack of knowledge has become a barrier preventing many from experimenting with cannabis. Fortunately for these people, smoking isn’t the only way and cannabis can be easily incorporated into just about any meal or drink.

In fact, one of the more popular ways of consuming cannabis is in tea or coffee.
Long history of cannabis tea. where to buy weed online

Weed tea is one the world’s oldest medicines and has been used therapeutically for thousands of years across huge geographical areas. Ancient civilisations such as Egypt and China often consumed cannabis tea and even today cannabis tea beverages such as Bhang play a huge role in Indian culture.

With us Brits drinking more than 60 billion cups of tea a year, what better way to liven up your day by throwing a bit of cannabis into the mix. Cannabis tea is one of the healthiest beverages you can drink, loaded with vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants – not to mention the health benefits associated with cannabinoids like THC and CBD.

The numerous benefits of consuming cannabis tea include reducing chronic pain, relieving anxiety and depression, improving lung health, supporting heart health and easing symptoms of nausea.

Interested? Below are 3 easy recipes to get you started.

Recipe 1 – Jamaican-style herbal cannabis tea (non-psychoactive – for those not wanting to get high)

Recipe 2 – THC/CBD-enriched cannabis tea

Recipe 3 – Cannabis Coffee
Recipe 1 – Jamaican-style herbal cannabis tea (non-psychoactive)

Raw Chinese or Jamaican-style herbal cannabis tea is the best way to experience the amazing health benefits of cannabis without experiencing the high associated with THC.

It can also be used as a way to consume CBDa, the acidic precursor to CBD that offers its own protective benefits.

What you’ll need:

1-2g per serving of cannabis (including hemp/CBD flower): this can be stems, leaves or bud
Metal tea ball or folded coffee filter
A mug
Boiling pot


Boil 300ml of water on a low heat – the low heat will prevent the cannabis from decarbing. read more


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Verified Member
Is this for real? I thought that this is a myth that people drink cannabis tea or coffee, but it comes to be true, and you even have the recipe how to prepare it. I should definitely try a cup of this tea, how does the effect feel? You feel the same as when you smoke it? Or it's totally different? I am waiting for my order from and will try it tomorrow. Kinda excited for it, a brand new experience for me. I will tell you what did I experience after I try it.