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How has the snow affected you?

  • Thread starter Scottish Business Owner
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Scottish Business Owner

Scottish Business Owner

New Member
Yesterday it took me almost three hours to get to work and the same to get home so today I decided to work from home! It's amazing how ill-equipped we are in Scotland to actually cope with snow.

Let us know in this thread how the snow has affected you and your business :)


New Member
Well this is a quiet time of year for me but I did have a customer who was supposed to pick up a necklace on Sunday, but I put her off because I didnt want her to make the journey. I have rescheduled her to come back next Sunday so fingers crossed the weather improves by then.
On a personal note I managed to get my car stuck in the snow twice today. On both occasions I had to get out and scrape the snow from under my wheels to get the car to move.
Hubby was amazing yesterday. He managed to get into Edinburgh to work and he had to stay late to make sure a trailer of parcels got away. He also made sure that all the British Forces Parcels were processed yesterday and he also arranged transport for a colleague who had no way of getting home other than by walking. It meant that he didnt get home till 1am.


New Member
Takes me half an hour to walk to work so it doesn't matter how bad it gets it I still get to trudge through.
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Employment Law Services

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Verified Member
I know this sort of weather isn't exactly 'typical' but it never ceases to amaze me how ill-equiped we are at dealing with it and the fact it seems to be happening more frequently, you'd think local authorities would sort themselves out!

Times like this highlight the importance of having strong contingency plans in place that enable your to operate your business from locations other than your normal office. Today its snow but what if it was a fire or gas explosion, or even a terrorist incident?

People laugh and say "that'll never happen to me" but in recent years all of these things have happened displacing many businesses along the way......I wonder how much business (existing and potential) companies lost as a result.

Cloud computing and remote server hosting make this sort of planning both simple and affordable for most small I'm working from home and did so one day last week too but if I hadn't put the resources in place to enable this I would have really struggled.

Harry Leanord

New Member
its quite scary hearing people stuck are on the M8 and about 150 people stuck in a South Lanarkshire school, shouldn't we be more prepaired for this


New Member
I totally agree Harry. Surely we have continuity plans for our major roads and to leave 100+ people stranded for over 10 hours is disgraceful. The communication always takes too long to get through.

If our winters are going to be like this from now on, we need to look at some of the Scandanavian countries as they must be laughing at the state we're in.
Scottish Business Owner

Scottish Business Owner

New Member
Yep it's really amazing how little we've managed to cope with the weather. I left home yesterday mornign at just after 7am and arrived back home just after 9pm! Everything I tired to do didn't work. Trains were delayed and then when one did come there was too many people trying to get on them! I called a taxi at 4pm to go home and it arrived at 6.30PM!

All I can say is bring on the thaw! :p