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Family food shup up "

  • Thread starter Scottish Business Owner
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Well; the key driving behind this is the price of fuel... And most of that's tax.

Fuel tax = Tax on eating, tax on working tax on just functioning...

The whole environmental angle they play this on is just a bloody excuse for robbing us right left and centre....


New Member
i know honestly all you see these days is prices going up and up,

yet the big companies profits keep going up and up, even thought they keep "claiming" that there costs are going up. Like we believe that for one second.

Honestly I feel sorry for these people that struggle to make ends meet every week, i know how i feel just being short myself, but to have to feed and cloth kids as well.

I think the government are going to have to do something about this before the cost of everything spirals out of control!!

Brian McIntosh

New Member
And I just caught the end of a report on the radio that said, if Grangemouth closes for 2 days because of the strike, diesel prices will increase to


New Member
also what is this thing about the length of time it takes to re-start the plant.

Honestly the goverment want to be very quickly stepping in and saying your causing a knock no effect on the economy so sort it our we will.

I'm sure if i remember my economics at uni:

When there is a shortage of a product it forces the prices up as demand is greater than supply, where as if supply is greater than demand the price is pushed down

Then you draw a pretty curve which depicts the numbers for demand and supply. :D

You know thinking about it I quite liked economics!!


Brian McIntosh

New Member
My worry is, once the price is up there and people HAVE to pay it, when Grangemouth finally starts producing again after the strike will the price come down again? I think not!!


New Member
It will not come down because they see that no matter the cost we are still willing to pay for it. Why would they ever lower the prices again? Demand has not slipped significantly since the price increases began so they will just continue to churn out larger and larger profits every year.