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Ebay slams government ticket plans

  • Thread starter Scottish Business Owner
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Scottish Business Owner

Scottish Business Owner

New Member
Seems to be alot going on over at Ebay at present. Just picked up the following article from Webuser regarding government plans to potentially ban people reselling event tickets on online sites.

eBay slams govt ticket plans - Web User News

Personally I think it's great idea. When people buy tickets with a view to reselling them at grossly inflated prices it really bugs me. Am I wrong to think like this or is it just a case of supply and demand ?


New Member
i have to say i agree with you .

I personally cannot stand ticket touts out to make a quick buck at some poor fans expense.

And lets face it concert tickets are expensive enough these day. I myself paid
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New Member
I agree too. Tickets should be for the fans, not for profiteers. And ticket prices can be expensive enough anyway in the first place. How many empty seats at venues are there when the resellers can't resell? What a waste.

TomB re your paypal point - I have to say that it is completely this attitude that is resulting in me taking Paypal off my site as a payment gateway. Paypal has gone beyond consumer protection, into assumed merchant guilt. What bugs me is that not only is there no consultation, but not even an opportunity to reply or state your case.
I didn't loose out to a chargeback, I only had a customer raise a dispute because SHE had paid for the wrong thing, and lodged the dispute before she even bothered to email or phone me to let me know she'd done it. But as an Amber light on working with Paypal, it showed me the potential for future problems just fine.
Spot the difference.....

Ebay slams government ticket plans.....

Lunatic complains about locks being fitted on asylum doors....

No? Neither can I :D

As for Paypal; The notion that they're simply over-applying consumer protection policies at the expense of traders is wrong. They're deliberately abusing consumer protection issues to their OWN advantage, costing BOTH customers and traders money and stress.


New Member
It is their attitude and it ridiculous, they should first and foremost support the people that give them their business.

Also as well i think some people on ebay are too quick to run to paypal. They don't give the sellers the chance to replace broken items, chase up delivery (lets face it royal mail must contribute to quite a few of these problems)

Then there are the people that chance their luck and thanks to paypal they get away with it.

I heard somewhere that they were trying to become a bank in the UK supplying current accounts and all that, if that is allowed this country really is going down the pan. - i don't know your real name but every time i see your addy in the last post bit i look forward to reading your posts, they are so entertaining, and bang on the money :D

I must PM you about some filming work if you don't mind?


Brian McIntosh

New Member
I thought the whole point about Paypal registering their office in Luxembourg or Switzerland or wherever they went meant that they didn't have to abide by the banking code in this country.
You're very kind Tom...

The names Matt.. Matt Quinn... Not sure why it's not popping up at the bottom of my posts but I'll take a loook at sorting that...

Please DO feel free to get in touch.. If you type in "" (possibly with some 'w's in front :) ) to your browser it'll get you to our website where you'll find contact details.


New Member
They must have to abide by it at some point?

how can they provide banking services to the UK with out adhering to the banking code. but then paypal are a law unto themselves so i guess its something you should expect from them.

Matt - You've Got Mail
I thought the whole point about Paypal registering their office in Luxembourg or Switzerland or wherever they went meant that they didn't have to abide by the banking code in this country.
I'm not 100% sure that's the case, but it certainly seems to be the attitude they take. They would certainly need to operate within the law though.

However, whether they're within the letter of the law is immaterial. What's objectionable is the fact they're building a facade of security and respectability. When the truth is that facade is paper thin; it exists only to keep them within the law and provide them with the vacuous statistics they rely on to promote themselves as a safe secure efficient service.

The operational reality is VERY different from what PayPal would have both buyers and sellers believe; We're a very small group here yet proportionately the dissatisfaction level with PayPal is extremely high. And there's a common thread through many complaints about paypal; that of them being obstructive in their handling of complaints and/or issue that arise with day-to-day use of the service.

Essentially this (in my opinion) adds up to a betrayal of the trust placed by both merchants and buyers in the service. That it's such an open and willful betrayal adds up to something that is beyond simple lack of competence or capacity. My view that is that it is blatant dishonesty.

If we take the topic in hand we have a situation where (rightly or wrongly) the government has seen fit to act to try and close down an arguably dishonest practice. Ultimately that may result in legislation... more red tape....

The hypocrisy of Ebay's statement is spectacular....

But eBay said that banning the reselling of the tickets online would only drive the trade into areas where it could not be regulated.

Well, ticket touting has long since been one of the Spiv's prime sources of income. Trouble is it's exploded since the advent of sites like Ebay. Again, this masque of respectability come into play... Whilst they had policies they never enforced them. And if, as an Ebay member, you try to report fraud you're likely to be targeted yourself!

As an example... Years ago, as a hobby I used to buy loads of watches from Police Auctions, keep the ones I wanted and sell the rest on (I collect watches). Several times I reported really Glaring examples of fake Rolexes that had reached bid levels in the several