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DGFX Designs - Multimedia Development, Website and Print Services



New Member
Hi everyone,

My name is Foo-Wing Li which is a Chinese name but I was born and educated in beautiful Angus, Scotland. In 2007 I graduated from Abertay University with a Distinction and BSc in Multimedia Development.

Multimedia Development has been around for a few years now but it still is relatively new and most people may not have clue what this is.

Multimedia Development is the knowledge of mixed media and marketing techniques with the aid of many computer skills. We can produce and design everything from a small badge or business card to huge Websites with Forums, Content Management Systems and even E-commerce online shops.

My company DGFX Designs provides small businesses or organisations professional corporate looking identities by designing their printed material and interactive websites.

Our rates are very competitive and we believe second to none.

Check out our website to see our Portfolio of clients and projects.
There you can also find some of our price lists and package deals that will help any small business get of the ground with a flying start.

You can if you want just post any questions or enquires here and I will do my best to reply quickly.
Re: DGFX Designs - Multimedia Development, Website and Print Serv

Foo-Wing nei hou...

I see you're just up in Montrose.... Not too far up in the wilds ;)

Do you do much business in the central belt? I occasionally get folk asking if I can author multimedia stuff for them. It's not really my area of interest as I'm basically a video producer and would like to keep in that way. I've taught Multimedia Creation though to HN level, so would probably be in a position to act as a reasonably informed 'go-between'.

Scottish Business Owner

Scottish Business Owner

New Member
Re: DGFX Designs - Multimedia Development, Website and Print Serv

Hello Foo-Wing,

Matt obviously knows the lingo better than me but welcome aboard :)

Hopefully you will find the forums useful and I look forward to speaking with you again soon.


New Member
Re: DGFX Designs - Multimedia Development, Website and Print Serv

Hi Matt,

We have clients as far as London.
One client we have in the Central Belt is Falkirk Children's Rights.

Because of the great increase in broadband speed and more people using computers we can work with clients who we may never meet. Some of the Multimedia companies up here in Tayside have clients in Africa and even China.

Because Multimedia is growing and more people know about it we hope to be really busy in the up and coming years.

I even plan to start teaching it myself in the near future. This is because I already have to teach some of my clients how to build or update their own websites.

But yeah it would be much appreciated if you could outsource some work to us.
I can't promise that we could do the same but if we need any video work for Multimedia projects in your area I sure will ask if you could do it.

We do have a large list of freelance designers, video editors, camera men/women, sound technicians but lack good programmers and developers.

I have had a look at your website and I think you need something more mordern, full of video content thats shows off your work and clients projects.
It is very hard to navigate also as the navigation isn't consistent or clear.
Re: DGFX Designs - Multimedia Development, Website and Print Serv

The teaching side I have mixed feelings about. I have some tenure and it's good because it's steady money and can be quite satisfying. The money's not particularly great though. I was invited to lecture about seven years ago and in some ways it suits the pace of life I want right now. But I'm not sure it's a good career move for someone young with talent.

You're right; the website isn't at all inspiring and I ought to do something with it. It simply hasn't been developed to any extent. What you're actually seeing there is an isolated section from a bigger site that's been stripped away. There were some fairly serious changes made to the structure of the business about a year ago. Work has been brisk since. I'm too busy, and it's not a particular source of work; it's more or less just there for reference so as people can find my phone number access my ratecard and read through the process they'll be taken through.

There IS another version waiting in the wings; but it won't get put up 'till it's a bit more developed....

I NEVER use client's work for self-promotion as I consider it a breech of client confidentiality. The only time that would happen is If I shot something as a freebie on the understanding that's what it was for. Yes; I'm sure you DO have a long list of 'technicians'; but I'm not a technician. I'm a double-BAFTA winning broadcast producer with nearly 30 years experience!