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Collaborative Threads - Need your feedback please?

  • Thread starter Scottish Business Owner
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Scottish Business Owner

Scottish Business Owner

New Member
OK so i've had a thought (yes they do occasionally happen :p)

I want to try and pilot a weekly collaborative thread on a specific business topic. The idea being that everyone shares their opinions and links about the subject that we use to make the thread a great resource for people visiting the forums.

So for example we might have a thread called Getting started with LinkedIn. The aim of the thread would be to gather both links to all the best resources as well as trying to reach out to experts across the country in an attempt to get them to give us some of their expert advice. We would then take all the best comments and put them into the initial post to essentially get a post where all the best information is and is easy to digest.

The other angle for this is then potentially looking to take this info and create some sort of ebook around that specific subject that could be packaged as a PDF and offered to chambers of commerce etc as a primer for them introducing SBF into their network. Obviously we would offer the ebooks via SBF as well and also make sure that anybody quoted was attributed appropriately. I'm think trying to create something like the hubspot guides although we'd probably need to build up to that as their stuff is excellent.

I'm hoping i've explained it correctly but let me know if you need things clarified. Of course if you think i'm barking up the wrong tree with this then don't be afraid to shoot me down. I really do value the feedback.

Thoughts/comments most welcome :)
Alan @ Sole

Alan @ Sole

New Member
Seems a good idea in principle, but given that I'm the first to respond in two days I think it might take some time to achieve. That and there'd be a fair amount of work involved for someone. I'm very much a pragmatist in that if there's an better/easier/quicker/cheaper way then why go to the trouble.

Of course it would be easier with more members joining and contributing. Chicken and egg. :)
Scottish Business Owner

Scottish Business Owner

New Member
You make some valid points Alan which I appreciate :)

Like most things it's just an idea at present. I think you get the point that we are trying to create more discussion and look at different ways of engaging people on the forums and also people off them to come on board and share their thoughts and experiences.

I'm one of those people that like to try stuff in the hope that it gathers a bit of momentum and it sets off a wee light bulb in people :)


Verified Member
I agree it is a good idea, the forum is still quiet but something could be started to get the ball rolling.

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