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business coaching



New Member
The concept of business coaching has really taken off in many markets. Is there a great demand in the Scottish business realm for business coaches, or those who come in and consult with business owners to get their businesses up and running or to help give them a much needed overhaul?


New Member
Being a member of a few networking groups, they are overrun by 'coaches' and they invariably are female.



New Member
There seem to be a lot of Business Coaches out there, people who have bought into a franchise kind of thing, but I suspect their approach is more psychological, confidence-building, than people who can actually advise about business planning, marketing planning, finance, etc. I guess you need a bit of both.


New Member
I think that business coaching is more for a confidence builder too. Who are the best people to consult if you are looking for the best ways to revamp and create a great business plan for success?


New Member
i have to say i had business coaching for 3 months and it was the best thing i could have done for my business.

But i was lucky my coaching worked on self-confidence and believe in my services, then worked on marketing, finances, forecasting, planning and all that which really helped. She was a marketing guru from london that turned her hand to coaching in particular small business coaching

I guess it just depends on you your needs, or your business needs
nothing does

nothing does

New Member
I think it's too easy to get sucked into running your business and not look at the bigger picture. Coaches help you to take a step back and view things from a better perspective. I have spoken to a few and had a couple of sessions and they helped me structure my time and also helped to motivate me to do the things I'd been ignoring. It is a matter of finding the right coach.

This said, I have also had a very bad experience with business coaches (who shall remain anonymous). They gave a free presentation but after it was over the whole mood changed and the two gentlemen in question took on the roles of good cop bad cop to try and 'bully' people into signing up to very expensive schemes. It was quite bizarre. The whole mood of the room changed as they shifted their body language and used mind games to get people to part with their cash. This was one of the afore mentioned franchises. So my advice would be to give it a go but choose your coach wisely.


New Member
god that sounds awful, i'd hate to be cornered in that kind of situation.

I def agree though if you get the right coach it makes all the difference.

It's great for the things you don't want to do, i don't know about everyone else but i have that i'll do it tomorrow list, but now its a do it today list!!

I would recommend her (my coach) to anyone in Edinburgh if they are interested , but with no pressure at all!!


New Member
I guess like most areas of life there are good and bad companies and individuals. From the comments in the forum it seems that unfortunately as well as people experiencing what Coaching should be about, there have been a few who have been exposed to the thin end of the wedge.
My advice to anyone looking for a coach would be as follows:

1. Decide are you looking for a coach or a mentor?
A coach will help you come up with the best answer to your problems or assist you in achieving your goal using your own capability. A mentor is someone who will be able to guide you using their own skills and experience. If you are looking for one and get the other then you will end up being disappointed

2. Know exactly what it is you are trying to achieve
Often when working with people the biggest challenge is finding out what it is they really want to get from working with a coach/mentor.

3. Have an initial consultation by phone
All good coaches or mentors will offer a free initial consultation (if they don’t –don’t hire them)

It is important to ensure success that the coach and the coachee both feel comfortable with each other-if one party does not then the relationship will likely fail or at least be inequitable.
I always insist on a telephone conversation with any prospective client to ensure that we cover these three topics BEFORE we consider entering into any agreement.
Good coaching and mentoring does work (there is a reason that the majority of Fortune 500 CEO’s and Top sportspeople have a coach) and it could be one of the best investments that you make for your business, but you have to cover the above bases to increase the likelihood of it being a successful and profitable relationship for you and your business.

If anyone is thinking about working with a coach or mentor then I would be more than happy to help or offer any advice.

Best Wishes
Alan Gillies

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Scottish Business Owner

Scottish Business Owner

New Member

Great post! I think the point about a coach or mentor is very relevant and two completely different things. I struggle myself to keep focussed on the things i'm trying to achieve. I've tried lists etc but they just dont seem to work for me. I dont really struggle too much with ideas or motivation which I guess is more where a coach comes in. For me it's making sure the business is working and is set up in the right way etc.


New Member
I do agree with a poster above that there is a very Scottish resistance to business coaches from people who assume coaching is some sort of touchy-feely American thing. That couldn't be farther from the truth. If you think you have all the answers, never go wrong, and don't need an independent opinion on your progress, you don't need a coach. On the other hand...

I can highly recommend two independent coaches to anyone who is interested.

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