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bad sellers on ebay


New Member
I recently had a very bad buying experience on ebay and I want to file a dispute. How should I start this process? I feel like the product I purchased was represented very poorly and the seller is not willing to make it right.
There IS a process for this... File a dispute buttons....

Waste of time though.... Ebay aren't really interested and all you'll get is the runaround.


New Member
what about Paypal? I had a friend who disputed via this route and I think got a ruling on her side.
what about Paypal? I had a friend who disputed via this route and I think got a ruling on her side.
They're just as bad....

If the rogue seller has emptied their account (and most do) you'll only get back what PayPal can recover. I've lost money myself this way. Again you'll just get the runaround...

If you're paying by PayPal ALWAYS use a credit card; NEVER your balance or bank account. That way you can do a chargeback via the card and will get your full money back. I lost
Scottish Business Owner

Scottish Business Owner

New Member
Ebay and Paypal seem to be getting a great deal of bad press at the moment and not just on this forum. Do you think eBay may be starting to think about hiving off the business?

They've struggled to integrate Skype which I now hear they will try and sell at a much reduced cost. They also seem to be pissing off just about everyone who actually uses eBay as well. I dont think they're struggling as such but I wonder if the model is changing and eBay may fall victim :(


Active Member
Verified Member
I made a recent purchase on ebay a few days ago. About three or four years ago, I was an avid Ebayer, and would always go there first to see what was available. Never did I have a bad experience, and never did I have any problems.

In the past three or four months, since purchasing off ebay, at least half of my purchases have been very poorly packaged/missold, or the supplier was a complete and utter prat.

One of them I had to threaten with Court action because Ebay wouldn't do anything.

Sorry, but I hate Ebay now.
I seem to recall in another thread raising just that very point .

Do they have their heads so far up their own backsides they don't realise what's going on? Or is it simply that the whole sorry mess is STILL making money, they think they've cornered the market and are massaging the stats in order to play an exit card?

Like Stuart I used to be a huge fan. Being something of a magpie and collector of all sorts of obscure junk it was once a haven.. But now.... :(
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Scottish Business Owner

Scottish Business Owner

New Member
I wonder how much Ebay try to push things seeing as there really isn't any viable alternative. You would have thought something like eBay was a license to print money seeing as they cream it left right and centre.

It will be intersting to see how things work out for eBay over the next 6-12 months and I for one will be watching closely :p
Well it is! And it's that fact they're abusing. Other auction sites do exist of course. But Ebay are very much the corporate bully. As such I think they've become a negative influence on the whole e-commerce scene.

As you say , the next 6-12 months are worth watching...
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Brian McIntosh

New Member
I wouldn't buy anything from Ebay, even if my life depended on it. Like everyone else, I was a big fan but, nowadays it isn't worth it. Buyers can't be sure that things are going to arrive and, as Stuart says, when they do they are poorly packaged or not as described. Having to threaten someone with court action to get what you want is a hassle I can do without. How do you even know you are dealing with the person who owns the account? Apparently, account hijacking is rife. For sellers, it's just as bad. Everyone knows about chargebacks nowadays. Free stuff!! And Ebay won't do a thing about it. They seem to be a law unto themselves now and, as long as the money is rolling in, they are happy for people to be ripped off.


New Member
I had a very bad experience around 18 months ago. Someone in Italy purchased a mobile phone I was selling. The paid from a confirmed Paypal address and I was still suspicious. I emailed Paypal asking if these funds were ok to which they replied they were fine. After sending the phone Paypal then came back and took the funds back saying the funds transfer was fraudulent. When I tried to send them the email I had from them saying the transaction was fine they didn't want to know :(

I actually lost

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