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Apprenticeship Interview Tips


Active Member
Interviews can be so daunting, I've been for interviews where I had 4 people sitting around me, asking me questions that I didn't know how to respond to! So as you can imagine I was sitting there nervous as hell! My simple advice though is, don't be.. I got called back for a 2nd interview which I was surprised about, I ended up getting the job. My Mum said something that has never left my head since the minute she said it - "Why be nervous or scared about being yourself?". It's true though, when you go for an interview, the employer wants you to be yourself, so you really have no need to be nervous, worried or scared.

So, what tips have I got for you?
Before your interview, research the company, find out what they do, find out more about their staff and their clients - show that you are really interested in joining their working team!

First Impressions are important:

First impressions are vital, so think carefully about what you're going to wear. Make sure you look up to scratch and look like a professional person. Make sure you have some smart, clean shoes to match your smart clothes. If you are going to use deodorant or aftershave/perfume, try to only use a small amount - remember, you want the employer to focus on your abilities and skills, so don't give them a reason to be distracted.

Turn the interview around:
Prepare some questions and answers for the company. If you go in there with some questions, it shows you are keen and want to know more about the company. Whatever you do, don't ask about the money/salary at all in the first interview - you don't want them to think that's all you care about!

Prepare for difficult questions:
The employer may ask you some difficult questions, don't get worked up over it though, if you prepare for those questions you will knock them out! (Not literally!). Questions like "Describe a situation where you have been flexible", "What can you offer the company?" and "Describe a way you dealt with an unexpected situation" are commonly asked. They aren't to catch you out, they are there so you think on your feet and show you work well under pressure. Your answers do not even have to be work related, they could be from school, a friend situation or even a club (like a football team).

The day of the interview:
Have an early night the day before your interview, you want to look aware and constantly on the ball during the interview. When you wake up, give yourself plenty of time to get ready, wash and prepare yourself for your interview. You'll also want to perhaps take a notepad and pen to take notes of the employer, and definitely take an up-to-date copy of your CV for the employer. When you are about to meet the employer, smile at them (not too cheesy!) and firmly shake their hand, this will show that you're a confident person, and of course they will like that!

During the interview:
Speak positive, even if they ask about a recent employer. Watch your body language, make sure you are looking at and listening to the employer at all time, you want to show them you are really interested in the job. Reply to questions with a detailed answer, but don't go off the question they asked. Be polite and honest to everyone you meet at the company, smile and perhaps say hello.

After the interview:
Smile at, and thank the employer for taking their time to interview you and if they ask, say you are still interested in the job. Ask when you are likely to hear back regarding a decision if they haven't already told you.

  • If you are unsuccessful, ask the company for tips and perhaps where you went wrong.
  • Be yourself, employers really like that when interviewing someone.
  • You are still young, so if you follow these tips, the interviewer will be impressed at how professional you were.
I wish you all the best of luck when attending interviews, I'm sure you will all do fine!


New Member
very informative post thanks for sharing i will share it to others


New Member
I think most of us have to have the taste of daunting situation at the first interview. It's natural characteristic of human beings feel like hell or uncomfortable to represent into a new unfamiliar environment. Everybody gets nervous to face an interview if this is his first stepped in. Anyway, all the tips you depicted here step by step are absolutely very useful and praiseworthy.


New Member
Shared your post with a friend who'll appear in 3 months. It'll help him prepare well.


I think all of us need to pass the very first interview. On which fear overwhelms us and we do stupid things. So to speak, stuff the bumps. After that, everyone else will seem so nonsense.