Which Small Businesses Are Profitable In The UK?

Which Small Businesses Are Profitable In The UK?

profitable small businesses in the uk

The United Kingdom is one of the largest economies in the world that powers many other economies as well. In 2018, the economy expanded by 0.2 per cent in the first quarter, and this increase is mostly due to the fast-growing manufacturing sector, after which the service industry is still a constant contributor to the country’s GDP. The housing sector is a little sluggish, but the country has managed to develop at a certain pace.

As of last year, the change in GDP is 2.3 per cent, which is an excellent indicator of the fact that the country is growing again after the downturn in the post-Brexit period and other global economic events. So, fledgeling entrepreneurs who are looking for opportunities to make a success of themselves and hit the big time in the UK.

Online Fashion Store

online fashions stores

We say fashion keeps coming back as history repeats itself. When you see fashion now, you will find that fashion was the same in a couple of decades. So, since fashion always comes back, why don’t you start your own online boutique if you’ve got a knack for clothes and fashion design? You can redesign the clothes you used in the past days according to the taste and desire of your customer and, in addition, you can create a niche for yourself in the fashion industry.

The online retail sector, especially for clothing, has grown significantly with it being known as the fast fashion sector. Creative individuals could start making money by creating their own custom clothing lines based on their designs with print-on-demand companies like Contrado and Printly.

Organic or Herbal Food Store

Consumers, due to numerous health issues these days are going back to their roots and seeking out organic herbal food. There is a massive demand for these foods among the upper-middle classes and the wealthy. If you want to put your foot in the food business and make money out of it, then in the UK, a herbal food store may be an excellent place to go.

There are many dropshippers online who work with companies like private label nutrition who create custom blends of supplements, packaged with your expertly designed label and drop shipped directly to your customers when they order from you.

Real Estate Business

online real estate business

In the United Kingdom, there are many students, young graduates, who come from different parts of the world to live their big dreams and achieve their goals. If you want to get into real estate business, you can start Ether agency services especially for millennials, or if you have properties to let out, you can start renting your own property and make money out of it.

Purplebricks is a great example of the kind of real estate business you could create online – two northern Irish brothers created the platform that is now valued at more than £240 million on the London stock exchange.

Retail or Online Beauty Product Store

Beauty or cosmetic products have a significant market in the United Kingdom. If you can start an online store and also provide cosmetics delivery services, you can make a lot of money out of it. You can take the franchise of any specific brand that is popular, or you can sell different beauty products from your online store.

Vegan beauty is a popular trend now in the UK, so that is a niche you could definitely look in to. If you want to make and sell your own products, then Etsy is a great place to start selling.

Online Medical Facilities Business

Health services are well known in the UK, so you can make things a little easier if you launch an online portal where patients or their family members can get an instant response when they need something. You can also sell medicines from this site at an hour’s notice.

Online Dr’s appointment, pharmacies, help pages and even herbal medicines are becoming increasingly popular as people want fewer time constraints on their life; they strive for convenience.

Sports Academy or Bootcamp Style Training

If you have a vision of doing something in the sports sector and you have a strong knowledge of sports as well, you can start a small-scale centre where you can teach locals some sports and train them for a bigger platform.

A popular business in the UK surrounds Bootcamp training. Many entrepreneurs are moving their gym outdoors into local parks where group workout sessions take place.

Late Night Craving for Food

Online Night Food Delivery: These days, people work at any time of the day as well as at night because of the globalisation process, and so many people stay awake at night. Food cravings at night are popular with night owls, and if you start a food delivery centre that runs at night to service these night people, you can make a lot of money out of it. Due to the night services, even if you charge a little extra for food and delivery services, customers will still like the service.

Interior Designing Business

interior design business

Are you an interior designer, huh? Have you done any research in this area before? If so, and if you’re trying to make something of your own, then you should launch your own design store online to get people who want to renovate and redesign their homes. This is a lucrative business, and you don’t need a lot of money to start the same thing.

Another aspect of interior design is event planning and event styling, in bigger cities like Manchester and London, event stylists earn a lot of money. If you’re a talented interior designer, you’d probably earn a lot of styling wealthy clients’ homes and venues.

Mobile Food Business

A mobile food business in an area where there are no restaurants in the immediate area can be a good choice because people in the area and hungry can get food from you and you can make money out of it. To start with, you don’t need a colossal food van and hundreds of things on your menu. You can start with your own car or any vehicle and the food you cook the best. Mobile food business’ are very much in demand these days.

If going mobile isn’t ideal you can look at renting a food stall in outdoor markets around the UK like Borough Market & Camden Market – both in London.

Provide Security Services or Deal in Security Products

You could start selling security devices such as CCTV, biometric systems, etc. and even provide installation services for the same devices. You could also employ a team and train them as security guards and get contracts guarding residential or official buildings and get a commission on them.

Green & Renewable Energy Sector

With the ever-increasing threat of climate change and with government support with funding, the green energy sector in the UK is set to boom in the years following Brexit. Solar, electric, wind, hydro and other renewable energy sources are being installed in peoples homes and business throughout the UK, and it sets its attention on being a green nation.

There are many opportunities for greener businesses in the UK with innovators coming up with green packaging, recyclable clothing, vegan food manufacturing and of course the more technical industries such as solar panel roof tile installation, wind turbine installers, hydropower plant construction.

Always do your research before jumping in and starting up a new business. Make sure you do a business plan, and you have all your facts and figures correct for the UK market before investing everything you have.



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