Ultimate Guide for Conveyor Parts and Spares

Ultimate Guide for Conveyor Parts and Spares

If you’re tasked with maintaining or upgrading a conveyor system, understanding the conveyor components landscape is essential. With an emphasis on quality and innovation, UK suppliers offer an extensive selection of parts from belts to bearings and beyond. This article provides a deep dive into the conveyor components industry in the UK, covering types of parts, key manufacturers, and their cutting-edge offerings. Gain the knowledge to make informed decisions without wading through unnecessary fluff.

Exploring the UK’s Conveyor Component Offering

Conveyor Belts Selection

Choosing the appropriate conveyor belt is essential for smooth conveyor operations and efficient material handling. The type of product and the purpose of the conveyor belt should be key considerations in this selection process.

UK-based manufacturers SL Plastics, understands this need for diversity and offers a range of conveyor belt materials designed to meet various application needs. From food-safe options to high-grip belts for inclined conveyors, their offerings cater to a wide spectrum of conveyor needs.

Motors and Drive Systems

In a conveyor system, the motor serves as the central component. It creates energy for the gearbox and turns the pulleys, driving movement along the conveyor belt. Control over the speed and direction of these motors is managed by employing variable frequency drives or other speed control devices.

UK suppliers, including a reputable UK manufacturer, offer robust and safe conveyor components that require minimal maintenance and wear. , for example, provides services for belt conveyor drives and components, sourcing items like electric motors and pneumatic cylinders from respected suppliers to achieve cost savings for customers.

Roller and Bearing Solutions

Smooth movement of goods along the conveyor belt is ensured by the critical role of conveyor rollers and bearings. Advanced materials such as reinforced polymers are utilised in roller design to ensure high durability under significant weight and usage demands.

Bearing solutions are engineered to support various loads. Heavier loads require robust bearing designs for seamless operation. UK manufacturers offer purpose-designed bearings to cater to different conveyor speeds, promoting system longevity and reliability.

Custom Conveyor Accessories and Attachments

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The efficiency of conveyor systems is maximised by their modularity and versatility. UK manufacturers recognise this and offer custom accessories and attachments designed to meet unique business requirements. These customisations can range from adjustable guide rail mounting brackets that enhance the versatility of conveyor systems, to solutions for belt tracking, cleaning, and support, all of which play a crucial role in maintaining the conveyor system’s efficiency and reliability.

The expertise of these manufacturers in metal fabrication, electrical engineering, and control panel design allows for comprehensive, customised conveyor solutions that suit the precise needs of different operations. These capabilities ensure that each conveyor system operates optimally for its specific tasks, streamlining logistics and allowing for more efficient and fluid product movement along the production line.

Mounting Brackets and Frames

The conveyor belt system is structurally supported by frames and mounting brackets. They support the conveyor belt and ensure its stability and safety. Typically made from steel, stainless steel, or aluminium, these frames can incorporate common structural shapes such as:

  • beam
  • truss
  • tripod
  • supporting legs

Robust brackets and frames are essential for safety, reliability, and efficiency in material handling.

When installed correctly, they lead to smooth operation, mitigating risks like belt slippage and material spillage.

Guide Rails and Transfer Modules

The efficiency and flexibility of conveyor systems are enhanced by the significant role of guide rails and transfer modules.

Guide rails:

  • Guide products along the conveyor belt
  • Prevent products from falling off the edges
  • Adjustable guide rails are available for conveyors that need to handle multiple product sizes, making them ideal for lines handling a wide variety of products.

On the other hand, modular transfer units assist in directing and transferring products between different conveyors or sections within a system. These transfer modules can easily integrate into existing conveyor systems, minimising disruptions in production lines.

Innovations in Conveyor Technology

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Technological advancements sweeping across industries also impact the conveyor industry. Innovations such as robotics and Artificial Intelligence are being developed to significantly improve efficiency and productivity in materials handling.

One notable innovation is the introduction of Ladder-Flex conveyors. These conveyors provide enhanced flexibility, precision, and efficiency, and can be adapted to a wide range of industries. Additionally, Voith’s intelligent drive components are designed to ensure reliable conveyor system operation, even in harsh environments.

As conveyor technologies evolve, modern systems become more capable, supporting the prediction of strong growth within the industry.

Smart Conveyor Systems

Advancements in conveyor technology are reflected in the emergence of smart conveyor systems. Designed with a focus on low maintenance and cost-effectiveness, these systems in the UK, including modular belt conveyors, polyurethane belt conveyors, and wire belt conveyors, offer varying degrees of control, including options for full integration.

Advanced motion control technology in these smart conveyors allows for:

  • Packages to be routed individually and asynchronously along tracks
  • Real-time adaptation and high responsiveness to operational demands
  • Enhancing the system’s efficiency

Advanced Material Options

The strength and durability of conveyor components are enhanced by the use of advanced materials. System Plast and Rexnord components exhibit excellent running characteristics even under extreme conditions like heavy loads and varying temperatures, contributing to their superior wear resistance and longevity.

Similarly, pulley bearings crafted from materials such as cast iron, ductile iron, and brass are recognised for their robustness and durability, leading to prolonged conveyor component life.

Roller bearings made from stainless steel or thermoplastic offer a choice between robustness and load capacity, with the former capable of handling higher loads and speeds, enhancing part longevity.

The Importance of Reliable Conveyor Bearings

By aiding components like rollers in rotating freely and smoothly, conveyor bearings significantly reduce wear and tear. The type of bearing used can greatly influence the performance and longevity of the conveyor system.

For instance, some popular types of bearings used in conveyor systems include:

  • Deep groove ball bearings: These are chosen for their durability and low friction, which minimises the need for maintenance.
  • Angular contact ball bearings: These bearings are designed to handle combined loads effectively, supporting both axial and radial forces.
  • Tapered roller bearings: These bearings are optimal for heavy-duty applications and moderate speeds.

Self-aligning ball bearings enhance conveyor system reliability by automatically correcting misalignments that could arise from housing and shaft errors.

Ensuring Conveyor System Longevity

Maintaining efficiency and minimising downtime are contingent upon the longevity of a conveyor system. Companies in the UK offer comprehensive maintenance services and spare parts availability to ensure this longevity.

Maintenance Services

To ensure safe operation and prevent malfunctions, regular maintenance and inspection of conveyor systems are necessary. To ensure continued efficiency and peace of mind, SL Plastics recommends partnership contracts for regular maintenance checks.

A comprehensive range of service agreements are available, including 2-hour, 4-hour, and next-day response options. Safety is prioritised during maintenance and servicing through the implementation of lockout/tagout procedures that prevent accidental startups and energy releases.

Spare Parts Stock and Availability

To minimise disruption and maintain conveyor system efficiency, it is vital to have spare parts readily available.

SL PLastics offer an extensive selection of high-quality conveyor components that are compatible with other brands, ensuring they are ready for immediate dispatch to minimise any disruption to operations.

Conveyor Efficiency and Safety Enhancements

Two fundamental aspects of effective conveyor systems are efficiency and safety. Enhancements in these areas are therefore crucial for improving the performance of conveyor systems and preventing accidents.

Safety guards, for instance, restrict access to dangerous areas and prevent injury from entanglement. There are different types of conveyor safety guards, including fixed, interlocked, and adjustable guards, each designed to cater to specific safety needs. Similarly, brakes in a conveyor system control the conveyor’s speed and offer emergency stop functionality, enhancing overall safety and efficiency.


The UK’s conveyor component offerings paint a picture of a vibrant and innovative industry. From robust and versatile conveyor belts to efficient and safe motors and drive systems, the UK market has a lot to offer. Custom accessories and advancements in technology further enhance the efficiency and versatility of conveyor systems. With reliable bearings, comprehensive maintenance services, and readily available spare parts, the longevity of these systems is ensured. Custom engineered solutions cater to unique conveyor needs, while efficiency and safety enhancements continuously improve the performance of conveyor systems. All of these factors come together to create a conveyor industry that is consistently pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the conveyor components offered by UK manufacturers?

UK manufacturers offer a wide range of conveyor components including PVC and non-fraying antimicrobial belts, motors, drive systems, rollers, and bearings. These components provide a comprehensive solution for conveyor systems.

How do custom accessories and attachments enhance conveyor systems?

Custom accessories and attachments enhance conveyor systems by improving their versatility and efficiency, leading to optimal performance for specific tasks.

What advancements have been made in conveyor technology?

Advancements in conveyor technology include innovations like robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and new materials, which have improved efficiency and productivity in materials handling.

How can the longevity of conveyor systems be ensured?

To ensure the longevity of conveyor systems, it’s important to prioritise regular maintenance, timely repairs, and keeping spare parts readily available. This will help minimise downtime and extend the lifespan of the conveyor system.

What role do safety enhancements play in conveyor systems?

Safety enhancements, such as safety guards and brakes, are essential for preventing accidents and ensuring the safety of workers around conveyor systems.




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