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Top Hiring Trends to Help You Find and Hire the Best Candidates

Top Hiring Trends to Help You Find and Hire the Best Candidates

The previous year was a difficult one for business owners and employees alike. Through personal hardship and numerous challenges, all of us needed to persevere and stay productive, dedicated, and passionate about our work. This is not easy to achieve in these trying times, and unfortunately, the pandemic has caused the employee turnover rate to soar in many industries.

While your focus in 2021 should be on talent retention and stellar staff management, someone will invariably leave your company at one point or another. When that happens, you need to be able to hire the right people as quickly as possible. To do this without wasting time or money, it’s important that you set the right talent acquisition processes, use the right tools, and use your leadership skills.

Today, we are taking a closer look at all of these points and giving you the top hiring trends that will help you build a thriving and cost-effective workforce in 2021.

Top Hiring Trends to Help You Find and Hire the Best Candidates in 2021

Build a diverse and multicultural workforce

There’s a good reason why some of the biggest and most successful brands in the world hire a diversified staff – and it’s not because of the brand image or compliance. A diversified workforce has the power and potential to become a high-achieving, record-braking employee collective if you implement sound leadership and hire people from various cultural backgrounds.

Yes, weaving diversity, equality, and inclusion into your hiring process is a great way to build a positive brand image, but most importantly it’s a great way to bring the most talented individuals to your teams. By hiring a diverse workforce, you will be able to:

  • Build a positive company culture.
  • Find the top talent in the industry.
  • Build a more welcoming workplace for all.
  • Ensure compliance and build a lovable employer brand.
  • Hire talented individuals from around the world.

Capitalize on the thriving gig economy

In the modern business landscape, you as an entrepreneur need to spot opportunities when they present themselves, but you also need to create opportunities for your company. This means monitoring the latest trends and adopting innovative solutions that might seem risky but can ultimately reward you and your company. One such trend is hiring on a per-project basis and capitalizing on the gig economy.

Because digital tools allow us to work from our computers, choose our own work hours and the amount of work that we do, many of us are reluctant to accept a full-time position. Instead, we choose to work on a project basis and create numerous income streams.

This works out for the gig worker, but it also makes financial and logistical sense for your company. The next time you need to fill out a job position, consider whether or not you need someone to join your staff fulltime. It might turn out that you really just need someone to jump in when a new project comes up, which means that you need to tap into the gig economy instead.

Look for candidates with advanced certifications

Upskilling is a big trend nowadays among growth-oriented professionals, and the best part is that people can get advanced training and certification from the comfort of their homes. People are upskilling and changing career paths completely despite the pandemic with online certifications, which is also an opportunity for you to hire skilled and certified staff.

In the healthcare industry, for example, employers are now able to find talented individuals who got their advanced cardiac life support (ACLS) certification online and are now able to apply for higher positions and get better-paid jobs than their peers. This is another hiring trend that works out for you as well as the candidate, because focusing on the certified professionals means that they will bring more value to your company, which justifies a slightly higher salary.

Hire and onboard remote employees

Remote work has become an essential part of modern business, and that’s not just because the pandemic forced people to work from home. Technology allows us to run a digital workplace and manage our workforce remotely, the pandemic just pushed us to embrace remote work even sooner.

That said, remote teams are facing certain challenges, so it’s important to optimize and adapt your hiring and onboarding to build productive decentralized teams. Be sure to perfect your online interviews and testing, and consider using a dedicated remote hiring tool with pre-built features.

Onboard remote employees with personalized welcome packs containing tutorials and explainer videos, a Q&A section, and all the additional information they might need. Encourage new remote hires to stay in touch and ask anything that’s on their mind so that they can settle in quickly.

Consider internal instead of external hiring

Lastly, be sure to consider hiring internally as well in 2021. Many companies nowadays are focusing on employee development and cross-skilling in order to fill out new positions and retain the best team members.

This is a sound strategy when you don’t want to lose a cherished employee, as it gives them an opportunity to grow professionally and fall back in love with their work. What you get is a trained and loyal employee fulfilling new important duties in your company, while the employee feels recognized and respected.

Wrapping up

The pandemic is going to continue shaping the hiring trends and the way we manage our employees throughout 2021. Don’t let your company become understaffed or lose its most valuable employees, instead, use these tips to bring the most talented individuals to your business and create a passionate, result-driven workforce.


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