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The Perks of Automated Content in Digital Signage

The Perks of Automated Content in Digital Signage

Automation is far from a new option for businesses nowadays, but it has been utilized in sectors like social media management, email marketing, and sales, while it’s underused in other departments. Sure, automating scheduling and posting on Facebook and Instagram saves a ton of time for your digital experts. The same helps your marketers when it’s time to collate data and transform it into detailed reports that should be used to drive your business forward. For on-site endeavours, be it at the office or in your stores for retail businesses, digital screens can benefit from automation, too.

Digital displays, sign-in boards, and interactive digital platforms are all among the most useful gadgets you can leverage for boosting engagement, productivity, and the overall success of your business. This is why automating content for your digital panels should be a must, since it helps your staff make the most of these digital displays and allows you to focus on other, more vital aspects of your organization. Here are some of the most prominent perks of automating content for your digital signage.

Value-driven content in the spotlight

Following the logic of bus and train stations, your business can offer genuinely valuable information with the help of digital signage. You can also use automatically generated content solutions linked to your displays in order to make sure your output is based on real data, tried and tested on an actual audience.

Value-driven content needs to be the focus of your strategy for digital signage, otherwise you risk losing your customers’ interest and interaction. By automating content publishing, you can always rest assured that your audience is seeing what’s most relevant and useful for them.

Automated Content in Digital Signage

Personalization on point

You already know that in all of your marketing efforts, personalization plays a vital role in the success of your campaigns. If you can post personalized landing pages, person-specific discount offers and email reminders, you can engage the individual, and not an entire segment of your audience. You can achieve the same with digital signage software that can tailor the content output based on the parameters of your choice.

For example, you can wish your morning crowd a great morning and offer your breakfast selection paired with a motivational quote to get their workday started on the right vibe. You can post season-specific promotional content, ads, as well as location-specific titbits of content that can inspire engagement on the spot.

Streamlined scalability

Imagine if you had to manually manage individual displays across different locations, input all the data by hand, and manually schedule individual content publishing plans for your displays. A nightmare, right? Automation takes care of this process easily by allowing you to organize your content output across all locations.

You can roll out live-streaming videos from different locations, present your social media feed in different times of day, schedule when you want your customer-made content in the spotlight, and the like. What’s more, you can easily integrate a new location with the help of your software, instead of handling all the content-related issues manually.

Tracking content performance and KPIs

Content automation has many benefits, but when it comes to your displays, it’s important to feature the right kind of content at the right time and in front of the right people. What good will it do for you to showcase customer reviews when your stores are experiencing that afternoon lull? Setting the right parameters from the get-go with the help of automation within your software allows you to select, schedule, and distribute content where it should be most relevant.

To top it all off, you can use the software to gauge the impact of the content and see how you can improve your brand’s performance in the eyes of your demographic. You can then refine how you select and show content in different formats, understand what your customers appreciate, and learn on the go.

User-generated content delivery

Sharing content should be a simple and straightforward process for everyone involved. More brands today realize that sending the right message means involving employees in generating interesting content in the form of videos, blog posts, but also reviews and simple hashtags with images. The same goes for user-generated content, since people want to see the real-life impact of your brand on other people like them. To make the content you display through your signage more relatable, use automation and connect others to the software, too.

Make it easy for your software to gather data from other platforms, be it the review box from your site, the survey you’ve sent out via email, or your Slack chat at the office. It should be easy for employees to contribute and for customers, too. Encourage them to post what they want and of course, use AI to introduce this type of content in appropriate time slots and show them in different audience groups, depending on where you have your displays.

Automating your scheduling, posting, and analytics for your content strategy should extend to your digital displays across all your locations. Such an approach will save you plenty of time, but it will also deliver results in the form of useful information, reports, and above all, a slew of smart ways to improve your experience for employees and customers alike.


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