Guerrilla Marketing Tactics for Small Businesses on a Budget

Guerrilla Marketing Tactics for Small Businesses on a Budget

Before we start talking about tactics, let’s first define the term “guerilla marketing”. It is about finding exciting and inexpensive ways to capture the attention of people at specific locations. Sometimes, guerilla marketing could be much more beneficial than some of the standard (expensive) marketing strategies. Therefore, here is the list of six essential guerrilla marketing tactics which could be applied to almost every small business.

Stickers and labels

You want to make your brand visible wherever it is possible. One of the most effective and inexpensive ways at the same time is them sticker marketing. You can give away stickers to your audience at different local events, especially when you are in the organization. You’d be surprised where your labels can end up.  Some of the most random places are the table at a bar, bus door, company laptops, or even public toilets! And all these places, even if it seems crazy, are great for advertising. You can also use these stickers strategically at specific locations. But, be careful if you choose that option since you don’t want to look spammy and to annoy people.

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Promotional products

Can you believe that a simple pen with your logo engraved on it can do a miracle advertising job? For instance, your target audience might spend the majority of their working day filling different papers at the office. Logically, they will use the pen all day long. Therefore, send them these pens as promotional gifts, and think about the small details which will make them use it. The thing is, they won’t use them only in their workplace, but also in the bank or at their friends’ house where the other people will see it, too. There are also many other good examples such as branded promotional backpacks, football jerseys for kids, or casual t-shirts.

Print unique business cards

Even though promotional products can do much more work in terms of advertising potential, business cards are still not dead. However, you have to find a way of making it unique. Not only that you should always give these cards to your clients and customers, but in some situations, people might ask for it themselves. Therefore, you have to impress them, or at least make them smile. Think about your target audience and their interests. What would make them laugh? Design your business card based on that and be sure that your client or customer will appreciate it a lot.

Create interesting infographics

According to the Content Marketing Institute, people are sharing infographics on social media three times more than any other content. Hence, they will attract a lot of visitors to your site, and as a result, you will build your brand awareness. How should an infographic look like? Usually, it gathers different data, and it is presented excitingly. You can collect data from your customers or some other place, but in that case, you have to connect it somehow with your brand or a particular product. If you don’t have an infographics expert in your team, try to find a freelancer to do that job for you.

Use urban landscapes

When it comes to landscape, you want people to stop, look at your ad, and think about it for a couple of seconds. And what are these places suitable for this type of advertising? Bus stops, subway and sidewalk signs, and window displays are all great places to put an interesting advertisement. Foot traffic is significant for the business, and putting a clever picture or a poster on the right place could be very beneficial. However, make sure that you follow the city rules, and if necessary, ask for permission to do these things first.

Free stuff

Getting your product into the hands of your customers will, almost every time, be beneficial for your business. One gift could often lead to selling an entire stock. There are two things that you have to keep in mind. First, people love free stuff, and there is a high chance that many of them will appreciate your gesture. And second, they might even feel obligated to give you something in return. That doesn’t mean that you will immediately turn them into your loyal customer, but they might spend a few minutes more to listen to your presentation. Make sure that you provide them with enough information about your brand and product, so they can easily find you online. If only a few percent of them become part of your customer base, you’ll know that you did the right job.

Of course, you don’t have to use all of these tactics. Make the decision depending on your business niche and target audience. Think about their affinities and wishes, and try to implement these things into a particular guerrilla marketing tactic you choose.




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