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Boost Productivity With These 8 Must-Have Office Gadgets

Boost Productivity With These 8 Must-Have Office Gadgets

Boost Productivity With These 8 Must-Have Office Gadgets

Sprucing up your office with some of the latest tech devices can boost employees’ productivity, improve their health and wellbeing, help you with your marketing efforts, and even assist you on your way towards a greener business.

If you want to gain a competitive edge over other businesses in your industry, take advantage of the digital revolution and consider getting some of the tech accessories that will simplify and enhance your work.

Let’s take a look at eight cool gadgets every office should have!


Multi-device keyboard

If you are often multitasking and switching from one device to another, you’ve most probably wished for an extra pair of hands so you can manage multiple machines and assignments. Well, it’s no longer impossible to become a kind of a human octopus and enhance your productivity.

By docking your phone and tablet in a multi-device keyboard, you can seamlessly switch between them with a click of the button.

Most of us type faster on a physical keyboard compared to a touchscreen, so this smart gadget can help you save time and boost your performance.

A productivity tool

TimeChi smart productivity tool allows you to exercise your productivity and tackle any task at hand efficiently. This handy gadget is designed to be placed on your desk and keep the distractions away so you can take your work performance to the next level.

It blocks digital notifications from your smartphone and distracting websites, but it also protects you from physical interruptions. This little tool has a bright traffic light display, so you can let your colleagues know when you are focusing on your work and when you are free to interact.

TimeChi utilizes two scientifically proven productivity methods – the Pomodoro technique and timeboxing so you can reach your full productivity potential. With just a tap, you can turn on a focused work period and track your time.

Coffeemaker for the digital era

While we are discussing productivity, caffeinated drinks immediately come to mind! When there’s a huge to-do list in front of you, what’s better than a steady influx of caffeine? With Clio Luxury Brewer hot and cold coffee maker, you can brew a hot beverage in less than one minute!

This kitchen gadget is beautifully designed, simple to use, space-efficient, and versatile. All you need to do is insert a capsule, add water in the back, place the mug under the spout, press the button, and voila!

Digital signage screens with high resolution

This digital signage solution is suitable for various locations and businesses, from corporate offices, shopping malls, and banks, to health centers. Whatever your business is, TV screens displaying content relevant to your business are a powerful marketing tool.

Technology is advancing daily, so you don’t have to limit digital signage screens to the indoor spaces only anymore. If you choose a quality all-weather outdoor TV, you can place it in a patio, gazebo, or any other shaded outdoor area since it is designed to withstand the elements.

And with the 4K resolution and anti-glare screen, you can provide your customers with vivid pictures while advertising your business.

Mobile printer

A new generation of printers like the COLOP e-mark mobile printer allows you to print barcodes, labels, logos, stamps, text, and images onto various materials besides paper, like cloth and cardboard with just a simple sideway swipe of the device. It is palm-sized, portable, and operated by an app.

With this little gadget, you can apply prints in multiple colors to all absorbent, level surfaces. Adding a barcode to packaging or a logo to a piece of fabric has never been easier!

The inbuilt battery allows you to use it on the go without a power supply, so it’s no wonder this innovative product got multiple awards for its features.

Air purifier

What you’re breathing matters a lot, especially since you’re spending a lot of time at work. Exposure to air pollution causes and exacerbates a number of illnesses, so improving the air quality that surrounds you is vital.

Office air purifiers like GAZE Air One can decompose harmful airborne substances while also removing bad odors from the air. It’s a win-win!

And according to studies, breathing better air resulted in better decision-making and overall productivity.

Solar window charger

This smart little device is perfect if you want to make your office more environmentally friendly. So, if you have enough sunlight in the office, you can go easy on the environment and save some money on your utility bills at the same time!

Instead of looking for an extra socket or accidentally turning off someone’s computer while they are in the middle of their work, you can charge your mobile phone using this handy device!


Why not hit your daily fitness goals while working on your everyday tasks? DeskCycle makes it possible to incorporate exercise into your workspace!

Regular physical activity is not only necessary for your health and wellbeing, but it also increases productivity, helps you get a better night’s sleep, and improves cognitive functioning.

With today’s hectic lifestyles, not many of us get to work out regularly. Placing desk cycles under every desk is a great way to encourage exercise and reap all the benefits.

P.S. It will help you remain awake while being stuck in a boring meeting!



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