Benefits of an apprenticeship

Benefits of an apprenticeship

To some people the idea of an apprenticeship may seem “old school” but thankfully apprenticeships are alive and kicking today. There are apprenticeships available for everything from the RAF to butchery, from joinery to accountancy and many more. So, what are the benefits of an apprenticeship for those looking to carve out a long-term career?

Learn and earn

Once you begin an apprenticeship you will come under the umbrella of the national minimum wage although in the early days this will be discounted to the prevailing apprenticeship rate. As your experience grows and your apprenticeship moves towards fruition you will then come under the traditional national minimum wage regulations. When you consider that in the early days you will be “training on the job” there is an argument for a reduced national minimum wage for apprenticeships which increases as experience and value to an employer grows.

Benefits of an apprenticeship

While many people still tend to see apprenticeships as “cheap labour” you do need to look at the overall picture to see how useful they can be.

College courses

While it will obviously depend on the type of apprenticeship you are undertaking, the vast majority ensure that apprentices are signed up for various college courses and additional education to further their cause. The ability to mix practical experience on the job with a focused theory college course have proven to be a great stepping stone for many apprentices. Quite rightly, employees receive regular updates on the performance of their apprentices and whether indeed they have been attending all classes. Even though apprentices earn less than the national minimum wage in their early years, they are treated as adults and are expected to take responsibility for their own actions.

The vast majority of apprentice college courses are subsidised by the UK government which helps to reduce any financial pressure on an employer and ensures that further education will always remain a part of the overall package.

Employment law

As we touched on above, any apprentice has the same rights as more experienced employees which takes in everything from sick pay to holiday pay. While many may be relatively inexperienced when they join a company this does not mean they should not have the same employment rights and thankfully the authorities have protected this under legislation. Again, this is another element of the learning process because when it comes to sick pay, for example, each apprentice is trusted to make the right decision and act accordingly.

This also works two ways because if they do not abide by the employment laws then an apprenticeship can be terminated early using the correct employment law procedures.

Support at hand

In order to take on an apprentice, and receive the relevant government funding, any potential employer needs to register and go through an application process. This process will ensure that the correct employment laws are respected and there is also support to hand to help apprentices through to the end of their apprenticeship. Local authorities also go through the process of assigning each individual apprentice to their own careers advisor. Their role is to assist apprentices were required and offer a supporting shoulder when an individual has any questions or concerns. At the end of the day, while many companies will receive financial assistance from the authorities for each apprentice they take on, it is also in their best interests to help them as much as possible so that they can become a valued member of the workforce.

Let’s not forget, companies that take on apprentices are spending a lot of their own time and money to support them and show them the ropes. It is in the best interests of all parties to work together to create a helpful environment and one where everybody wins.

Good career prospects

If you ask any young person today about the challenges of finding full-time employment you will hear an array of nightmare stories where multiple applications are not replied to and confidence can often be very low. The opportunity to take on an apprenticeship is not only a confidence booster to those who have had multiple rejections but also allows the individual to show what they are made of and what they can do. For many people the main challenge when looking for employment is getting their foot through the door after which point it is up to them to make themselves a vital element of the workforce going forward.

As we touched on above, there are apprenticeships available in a wide range of different industries from the RAF to butchery, from accountancy to joinery and many more. We’ve all seen the television adverts, the numbers to ring, the e-mails to contact so the modern-day apprenticeship is still alive and kicking and working for many people.

Learning the ropes

Everybody wants to jump into their new chosen career and get involved in some of the more exciting elements from day one. In the early days this is obviously not possible for an apprentice because they will lack experience and confidence. While we have no figures available to hand we can only guess at the percentage of apprentices who fall by the wayside before they finish their apprenticeship. In many ways this is all part of the long-term training process because those who are not necessarily determined in a particular apprenticeship field will fall by the wayside leaving opportunities for those with a more focused long-term approach.


Apprenticeships have been around for decades and while sometimes overlooked they are certainly a major part of the modern day employment market. We make no bones about it, it can be difficult being an apprentice in the early days, the money is not necessarily brilliant but there are long-term career opportunities for those with a focused mind and steely determination. Employment regulations have also changed giving apprentices the same employment rights as full-time workers. However, with these regulations comes a responsibility to make the most of the opportunity and see your apprenticeship through to the very end.



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