4 Best Bitcoin Mining Hardware in 2020

4 Best Bitcoin Mining Hardware in 2020

The era of working at a single job from nine to five is long gone, and we’re well into the new, much more versatile time of flexible earning opportunities, investment diversification, and exploring several career paths at once. Why? We believe the right question is: why not? We have the technological and digital means to achieve that, and one of the more recently developed industries has enabled that diversification to a great extent: crypto-mining. So many eager entrepreneurs and investors are looking for various opportunities to increase their income sources with the help of bitcoin mining.

Bitcoin hardware

As a result, more companies are releasing more advanced, diverse mining hardware options that are vital for the progress of the industry. These different machines accommodate different mining preferences, and you can take your pick based not just on your budget, but also on your aspirations, experience, and your available time. Here are a few hardware considerations that can help you improve your bitcoin mining efforts this year.

Canaan’s AvalonMiner 741

Let’s start with an affordable, yet reliable piece of machinery that will give any novice miner what they need with a relatively modest investment compared to other alternatives with similar performance capabilities. The hash rate of this humble beast is 7.3 TH/s, which means that you can expect decent results for a device in this price range. What’s perhaps one of its greatest perks for new bitcoin miners is that it contains a cooling system that makes it easier and safer for the device to run constantly, although most new investors will likely steer clear of that practice for the sake of overall energy consumption.

All things considered, this is definitely one of the best, if not the best option for less expensive models in the market that can actually handle the demands of the 2020 bitcoin industry. A great choice for new investors, but also a good option for more versed miners who are still not ready to spend more on their hardware.

Antminer S9i

Bitmain has been the leading name of the crypto industry for quite some time now, and for a few good reasons, one of them being the impressive Antminer S9i, a solid, reputable alternative to their original S9i model that is often sold out on the manufacturer’s site. For that very reason, the creation of the S9i model has been a brilliant step forward for the company, especially due to its competitive price for such a great machine. Coming in at 14 TH/s, this device certainly does live up to Bitmain’s standards of excellence, and its energy consumption is relatively moderate considering this hash rate, making it a good option for most miners no matter their level of experience.

Bitmain’s latest Antminer S17+

This particular line of mining hardware persists in quality as well as its performance metrics across the board, which is why Bitmain continues to deliver such brilliant devices and focuses on their production for their more versed bitcoin miners. They are increasingly focused on ASIC-based devices, which stands for an algorithm-specific integrated circuit, precisely because of their ability to target a single currency in a safe and effective way.

Among their latest line of ASIC miner models, the two that stand out are the S17+ and the T17+, both with stellar hash rates and affordable energy consumption rates. The first model, and the one tackled in this post, offers the hash rate of 73 TH/s, allowing you to truly maximize the bang for your buck. Choosing such a performance-driven model goes in line with the latest trends to opt for ASIC-based miners in general – which simply means that these devices utilize unique, cryptocurrency-specific algorithms for the sake of more efficient mining results.

Halong Mining DragonMint T1

Too often, this famed mining model is out of stock, simply because the demand is very difficult to meet – that’s how good the device actually is, as the demand continuously exceeds the supply. Still, once available, this mining rig will certainly be a worthy competitor to other mentioned devices, especially since it provides a decent hash rate of 16 TH/s, which may seem to be on the lower end of the spectrum after reading about Bitmain’s models, but it’s a good choice for novice crypto investors, and its energy usage is manageable.

On one hand, the price tag of this particular device may be higher than you’d consider, but the value that comes with it certainly justifies the investment, especially if you’re planning to continue investing in this cryptocurrency for more than a single year. It also utilizes the ASIC technology that enables it a more focused approach for investors that are looking to specialize in bitcoin mining, making it a great pick, despite its hefty price.

While the cryptocurrency world is far from a stable one, the industry is still on the rise, and more people are looking to find their place at the crypto table. If you’re eager to start mining yourself, look no further than these impressive models to kick-start your bitcoin mining efforts and begin diversifying your portfolio and income streams through this lucrative niche.



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